Celebration comes to us

KazNU traditionally celebrate Nowruz in late April. And this year was no exception. Pageant "Nowruz - the beginning of the new year" began with a beautiful spring action - planting saplings. The event this year opened the ceremony "Friendship Alley", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan. Young spruce seedlings planted KNU leadership and students, representatives of the consulates of the United States, China, Russia, Hungary, Turkey and other countries, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations, representatives of cultural centers. Alley was founded as a sign of strengthening friendship between Kazakhstan and the partner countries and is intended to be the embodiment of solidarity, harmony and understanding among peoples.
At the opening gala concert of congratulations made by the rector of the University, academician Galim Muthanna, US Consul General Grenchik Teresa and the Consul General of China Zhang Wei. "Today we celebrate the great feast of the Eastern peoples - Nauryz, which was recognized by the UN International. For the Treasury, he has a special significance, since our university brings together students of different nationalities and marks it with a special scale, "- said the head of the university. On the area of ​​the participants of the event were the spectators an exciting musical-theatrical show. Representatives of different nationalities together to celebrate Nowruz: fun circling dance of friendship, boys and girls competed in the art of singing, playing instruments. The celebration was an atmosphere of universal joy and fun, culminating in overall performance of dance "Kara zhorғa."
The event was attended by over 10 thousand. Teachers and students of the KNU, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Almaty national-cultural centers, representatives of Almaty Akimat, media executives, board members and veterans of elders Treasury, student and other public organizations.
Before the feast of the trade union "Parasat" workers Kazakh National University held the traditional "competition of purity." The Commission determines the best trade union committee chair, the best faculty, the best academic building, the best hostel and better structural unit KazNU. Al-Farabi.
It assesses not only the cleanliness of rooms and territories, and landscaping, decoration, furniture and safety equipment. Committees Treasury trade union under the chairmanship of T.K.Mekebaeva had to literally bypass the whole university. To determine the winners was not easy - sometimes literally became a crucial one point. Therefore, in some categories the winners were several.
- It should be noted that, compared with last year, the ratio of employees to the university competitions, to their jobs, to the members of the commission has improved significantly. Employees of departments with all seriousness and responsibility to react to the said event. The day before had held Saturdays, feature new information stands in the offices comfortable, carried out the work on gardening, - noted in his report the chairman of the trade union committee to verify the structural units A.K.Ahmetova
April 18 the best of the department, division, departments, dorms and academic buildings were awarded during the celebration of Nowruz. Rector of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi academician G.M.Mutanov personally presented the winners with diplomas and valuable prizes, dedicated trade union committee - refrigerators, televisions, computers, microwave ovens. All participants noted that just such activities, working together for the common good and is supported by the corporate spirit of the university.
On this day, the palace staircase student became a makeshift stage for many talented artists - songs, dances, instrumental music continuously alternated. Foreign guests, teachers and students acquainted with the colors of the external and internal decoration of the 20 yurts, tasted Nauryz skin baursaks and other dishes of the Kazakh cuisine, poboleli the strong and courageous in the competitions in national sports.
"The multinational people of Kazakhstan live in peace, harmony, harmony and tolerance. I am pleased today to congratulate, on behalf of the People's Republic of students and staff of the Treasury on this wonderful holiday and wish you prosperity and well-being of the university, "- said the Consul General of China Zhang Wei, impressed by the magnitude of the holiday.
In the past, the Committee on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of traditional knowledge and manufacturing skills of the Kazakh yurt. All celebrations are held in a yurt - a symbol of family and traditional hospitality, which are integral to the identity of the Kazakh people. Right during the festival held a contest for the best tent. We evaluate the appearance, the interior, the national colors, dastarkhan and hospitality of the hosts. The award winners have become tickets to SOL Treasury on Lake Issyk-Kul.

Olga Lozhnikova,
Deputy Chairman of the trade union "Parasat" workers Kazakh National University



Publication date :  5/5/2015