Social educational activity




Students of the department of political science and political technology Altynbek Rakhmetov, Moldashev Yernur and Armen Berik held a scientific internship in April in the format of the included training at the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The format of the included training involves visiting foreign students with lectures, seminars and workshops on a par with the students of the host faculty. In addition, interns get access to the entire educational infrastructure of Moscow University, including inter-faculty courses and a visit to the Science Library.

Academic exchange between MSU and Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi became possible following the signing of corresponding cooperation agreements.


 In the library of the Chair of Political Science and Political Technologies of   Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science of Al-Farabi KazNU ther was  was a special guest of Natsuko Oka.
The meeting was very exciting. Our Eastern Guest not only presented her new book "Another Japan: Life without a Tea Ceremony" to students, but also told many interesting things about life and culture in Japan. Yes, so that almost all of those present broke most of the stereotypes about the country of the Rising Sun.

 At the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, in the framework of the "Kuzaras" project, a meeting with well-known political scientists and experts on the theme "25 years of independence: results and prospects" was held with the support of the club "Politolog".
The well-known political scientists and experts Aidos Sarym, Rasul Zhumaly, Bakytzhan Bukharbai made speeches. Introductory words were expressed by the dean of the faculty Aliya Masalimova and the head of the department of political science and political technologies Nasimova Gulnar.
The meeting was very interesting and eventful. Students learned a lot about what the country has achieved during the years of independence and what remains to be done for the younger generation 
The Chair of Political Science and Political Technologies of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University hosted a lecture by one of the most frequent guests of our club, Director of the Kazakhstan Center for Strategic Studies, Primate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor of the Department - Yerlan Karin on religious extremism and radicalism.

A guest of our library on political science was a famous scientist, expert Sultan Akimbekov, who presented his books !!! Of course, students took advantage of the opportunity for almost 2 hours to ask questions and received DEEP answers. And most importantly - students being impressed for a long time themselves discussed many of the issues that were raised with Sultan Magupovich. Huge gratitude from the department of political science Sultan Akimbekov, such meetings are necessary for political scientists!





In our library, US Consul General Mark Moody has handed over 150 books. At the meeting with political students there were also the head of the policy department of the US Embassy Freeman Zhu, a member of the politics / economics department of the US Consulate in Almaty Timothy P. O 'Connor. The collection of these books was initiated by Dosym Satpaev. Some of these books were donated by embassy and consulate staff and 100 books were specially selected and sent by professors in political science at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. A total of 150 books were collected. I am sure that these books will help our students in the educational process, and teachers in scientific research. As always, our students asked a lot of questions.