Chair history

Formation and development of Cartography and Geoinformatics Department inseparably connected with the University's School of geomorphological science of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, which founder was a legendary scientist - geomorphologist, geologist, geographer and cartographer Mukatay Zhandaevich Zhandaev.

The honored scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, d.g.s., Professor M.J. Zhandaev founded the Department of Geomorphology in 1974. He became the first head of the only department of geomorphology in Kazakhstan (1974 -1988), which with time, grew into department of cartography and geoinformatics.

Over the years, the department was headed by professors: Veselova LK (1988-2000); A.R. Medeu (2000 - 2001).; Kuanyshbaev S.B. (2002-2004); Bexeitova R.T. (2004-2008); Kerimbay N.N. (2008-2011). From 2012 to the present time the department in charge of Prof. H-K.M. Kasymkanova.

Over the years, the department has prepared more than dozens of experts in the field of geomorphology, cartography, geodesy, geoinformatics, which successfully work in the public administration, in the structural units of the Academy of Sciences and higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the republics of CIS and far abroad.

Among the graduates of the different years there were such leaders as the director of the Institute of Geography Medeu A.R., Rector of the Arkalyk University, Doctor of Geographical Sciences  Kuanyshbaev S.B.

Prominent scholars and teachers of high school graduates of the department are Bekseitova R.T., Pogodaev V.S., Koshim A.G., Kuanyshbaev S.B., Akpanbetova K.

Nowadays, the department trains bachelors in specialty 5В07011- Geodesy and Cartography, masters in specialty 6M071100 - Geodesy, 6M074100 - Cartography, PhDin specialty 6D074100 - Cartography, 6D071100 - Geodesy. Kazakh and Russian departments of these specially train 229 students. In recent years, due to the globalization of education, training is conducted in English.

The department has educational laboratories, scientific - research laboratory of geoinformation mapping, GIS technology center and remote sensing, also there are "GIS - Center" at the department where the young scientists of the department work and training geodesic polygon on the territory of the KazNU.

In light of the current requirements for the implementation of innovative technologies, teaching laboratories are systematically equipped with digital and electronic surveying instruments, devices, global navigation satellite systems, software for processing and presentation of spatial data, etc.

Currently, the department is developing theoretical and applied aspects of the problems in the field of geodesy, cartography, including the preparation of digital cartographic products, as well as in the field of GIS mapping in the management of geosystems in various sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific-technical and methodological base of the department allows to run courses for employees of higher and professional education, as well as professionals - manufacturers in the field of geodesy, cartography and geoinformatics.