Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science

The bases an expert of faculty of philosophy and political science:
«Management of internal policy of Apparata Akima of the city of Astana»
«Device Akima of Alatausky area»
Apparat Akima of the city of Taldykorgan, Almaty area»
«Device Akima of Kordajsky area, Zhambylsky area»
Device акима Alatausky area of Almaty
Center of sociological researches and social engineering Treasury of al-Farabi
Republican movement of "Bolashak"
Center of studying of public opinion
Management of internal policy акимата Almaty
Department of internal policy акимата Shielinsky area of Kyzylordinsky area
ЗКО Syrymsky regional branch NDP «Nur Otan»
Fund of development of business "Lady"
Device акима Kargalinsky rural district of Almaty area
Department of internal policy акимата Kerbulaksky area of Almaty area
ГУ Management of culture of Almaty
Republican uchebno-improving center "Балдаурен" of the Ministry of Education and Science
Grammar school № 51