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Karahan Esvet, Turkey, Faculty of Law

In my opinion, Almaty is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are the best institutions of higher education and indescribable nature. Before entering, I carefully studied all the universities that are on the list of the best in the world, and I realized that KazNU is mine! Here I gained not only solid knowledge and valuable professional qualities, but also received a truly university education. Here I feel at home, people are all kind and hospitable. I am very happy that I made this choice!

Zhanga, China, Faculty of Philology

I am proud of my professional teachers and good friends, due to them I learned Russian and began to understand the Kazakh language. Also deepened knowledge and understanding of the Kazakh people and culture. I think that the university provides not only basic knowledge, but also the most important thing to open all the opportunities for students to realize their dreams and desires. In this regard, my university of KazNU changed my view for the future that is why I am sure that all graduates of KazNU in their fields will do what is important for their country and their people.

Irie Itsuki, Japan, Faculty of Pre-University Education

KazNU is perfect for me in everything! The stunning internal design of the university. It is very pleasant to be in the walls of such a university. The campus is equipped with all amenities, fountains, alley for students and with beautiful nature. All cultural events are superb. KazNU - is my best choice!

Omar Mohammed Sattar, Iraq, Faculty of Medicine

Kazakhstan for me was a mysterious country, but after arriving, he surprised me with hospitality. KazNU gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a person. Here I gained practical and theoretical knowledge that I use every day. KazNU is a high-quality educational institution by all standards!

Shin Mingyog, Republic of Korea, Faculty of International Relations

KazNU is not just a place where we receive an education. The University has its own special atmosphere. Here you can find anything that you need to study, life, work, and creativity for sport. Circles, sections contribute to the creation of this atmosphere. I am very comfortable here. I am glad that I am a student of KazNU!

Mastrorocco Adriano, Italy, Faculty of History, Archeology and Ethnology

KazNU opened for me a new world of opportunities, acquaintance and knowledge. Here is a very strong teaching staff! I am sure that these people know their stuff! Moreover, I can learn a lot from them. I believe that after graduating from KazNU, I will get a stable, good future.

Jon Kon Lee, Pekin, China

I am very happy to study at KazNU. It is the best university, I have ever been. This educational system is one of the ideal systems in the world. There are a lot of international students and all of us belives that we will have a good knowledge, because good education is a kay to great success!

Lisa Krueger, USA

KazNU welcomed us with open arms, especially I would like to emphasize the Faculty of Philology and World Languages. I like Faculty of Philology because there are many possibilities o receive good linguistic knowledge. Department of General Linguistics and European Languages is very similar to my American Department and I was very surprised to learn that Linguistics has been taught very well here.

Connor Michiloti, SPAIN

Professors, tutors are very emotional over students' examinations and are always ready to help them if they have any problems. I would like to mark the location of the University: a picturesque view behind the windows - it is mazing.

Jacob Beebe, USA

There is the most wonderful academic staff in Al-Farabi KazNU. Students have a great motivation to study and get new knowledge.

Lucy Binfield, Imperial College, London, UK

I came to Kazakhstan to spend six weeks in the country's highest ranked and Largest University, Al-Farabi KazNU. So far I have loved absolutely every minute of it and am very grateful to the University for facilitating this opportunity. Working in the Physical Chemistry department I have met some lovely and fascinating people who have tried very hard to make me feel welcome even thought the language barrier, and the chance to get some work experience in such amazing country is greatly appreciated. Coming from a British University, I feel sure that these connections will strengthen over the next years and I would recommend a visit to Al- Farabi KazNU to anyone who wants a fun, unusual and interesting experience in an amazing and growing country.

Maria Yacez Dhaz, Universityof Santiago de Compostela, Spain

My time in 'Kazakhstan has been fantastic in these short four weeks and I can say a lot about this country, especially Almaty. The most important thing I can say about Almaty is that people are very nice and friendly. I have been working in the 'Department of Analytic, Colloidal Chemistry and 'Technology of Rare Elements. I am passionate about this subject and enjoy the work. I would definitely recommend a placement in Al-Farabi KazNU to everyone who wants to have a great time in an amazing country and gain some useful technical experience.