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Public Health


Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Profile direction - Master of Health Care
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this educational program, students are expected to be able to:
B1 Demonstrate communication skills in a team; formulate the prerequisites of leadership development; develop a personal strategy, successfully select satellites and like-minded people for themselves, work out the path to your success.
3. B2 Evaluate and apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to analyze a wide range of global health issues.
4. B3 Assess the effectiveness of public health and clinical interventions using epidemiological and statistical methods.
5. B4 Critically evaluate the results of observational and experimental studies related to public health research and practice.
6. C1 Calculate and interpret indicators of health and disease obtained in epidemiological studies, studies of health services, studies of comparative effectiveness and public health practices.
7. C2 Develop and conduct reliable and effective epidemiological investigations, including cohort and control studies related to public health and clinical applications.
8. C3 Apply appropriate biostatistical methods using software packages to perform and interpret data analyzes.
9. C4 Develop and evaluate global health interventions in various circumstances with different objectives.
10. C5 Promote public health by influencing the socio-economic, physical and cultural environment through health promotion methods, including health education.
11. C6 Systematize international standards for writing scientific articles, demonstrate their results at a professional scientific level;
12. C7 Integrate interdisciplinary knowledge into the practice of the public health system, including scientific research.
13. D1 Demonstrate independent thinking and interpretation of the state of public health, including reasonably presenting it to specialists in the context of scientific discussions.
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