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Banking (1 year)


High School of Economics and Business

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 Process, analyze and systematize the relationship between the history of the origin and development of banking.
To analyze the General laws, to possess fundamental economic knowledge in the field of banking, the basics of the organization and functioning of the financial market of the country as a whole, its individual areas and links, as well as banking tariffs, the basics and features of the implementation of banking relations in the domestic and international markets.
ON2 Ability to develop conceptual and terminological apparatus in the field of banking; Substantiate the content of methodological approaches in banking; To comprehend the essence of theories: banking and banking process; Understand the essence of economic science methods Reveal the relationship and interdependence of methodology and theory of banking. Identify the main banking systems and trace their evolution Understand the essence of economic, political, social, cultural processes in the course of the evolution of society Describe the content and patterns of banking services.
ON3 Analyze the main trends in the use of computer technology in banking. To determine the methodological conditions for the successful solution of the main goals of education, development and education in the training of banking; Specify the learning objectives of the sections, topics and determine the effectiveness of the work at different stages.
ON4 Substantiate the reasons and prerequisites for banking operations. Compare Bank tariffs and investments, highlighting both common features and specifics. Analyze the causes and solutions to the problems of banking.
ON5 Analyze and have the skills to collect, organize and summarize information for the preparation of references and analytical reviews on professional activities, the implementation of commercial, trade, currency, transport,customs, banking, financial and other operations.
ON6 Integrate the specifics and norms of legislation in the field of banking system, insurance companies, securities market, financial management versed in the specifics of the organization and business and financial policy.
ON7 Use scientific methods and techniques of research of economic science, as well as the entire socio-political cluster.
Own the basic methods, methods and means of obtaining, storing, processing information.
To understand the specifics and be competent in the field of factors of development of the financial system and modern globalization of economies; professional activity of the financier, constantly improve their skills
ON8 to Choose certain computer technologies necessary for independent financial research. To work with professional literature in the field of banking Informatics. Use modern science-based techniques, methods and means of training, storage, processing of information, has the skills to work with a computer as a means of information management, is able to work with information in global computer networks.
ON9 Is Capable of analytical thinking, logic, analysis, scientific justification and creative problem solving in the field of economic science.
To master the methods of synthesis and ways of personal expression and self-development.
ON10 Systematize, process and analyze data from economic sources. Synthesize information sources banking on the basis of the principles and methods to assess and describe the banking process. To develop a model of banking with the help of computer simulation.
To develop information support of banking operations in the activities of banking organizations.
ON11 Assess trends in macro-economic Sciences and banking
To make an expert opinion on socio-economic projects and to carry out economic analogies, analysis of the socio-economic context, using various methods of analysis and structuring of information. To evaluate analytical information taking into account the economic context for the development of educational and methodological support of economic disciplines and the skills of analysis of theoretical concepts of macroeconomic regulation of the economy.
ON12 Analyze information from various sources in global computer networks. To build professional relationships with colleagues and management, to work in a team, to find compromises and to correlate their opinion with the opinion of the team; possession of positive communication skills based on the principles of patriotism, citizenship and tolerance; understanding of multi-cultural as a condition of modern global society, the ability to self-study at the end of the curriculum, to expand their knowledge on the basis of information and educational technologies.
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