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Customs Affairs (1 year)



  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. Understand and interpret the mechanism of ensuring the national interests of Kazakhstan in the development of customs documents, professionally navigate the document flow of the EAEU, and understand the technique of implementing the norms of international law into national legislation.
2. To take management decisions, monitor the implementation of customs legislation by the structural subdivisions of the State Revenue Committee, manage authorized economic operators, monitor the persons carrying out activities in the field of customs and participants in foreign economic activity; make plans and analytical reports on the results of professional activities.
3. Apply risk management system in customs administration, to carry out administrative proceedings; analyze and process the results of customs control, administrative proceedings; to formulate, substantiate and present their proposals on the improvement of customs administration.
4. Classify customs relations; solve legal situations in the customs field; interpret and explain customs regulations; draw up contracts in the customs field; to apply the norms of customs and other legislation in solving practical situations in professional activities.
5. To navigate in the customs-tariff systems, the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity and the procedure for customs clearance of goods, calculate the customs duties; determine the country of origin of goods, product code for the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity and customs value; to monitor customs rules and legislation in these matters.
6. Understand the place and role of Kazakhstan in the global economy, distinguish and classify countries in the global economy, develop a mechanism to protect the national interests of Kazakhstan in foreign trade, develop ways of developing foreign trade, customs, currency, credit and financial activities, develop recommendations for draft regulations and drafts of program documents.
7. Assess the costs and benefits of participation of Kazakhstan and its business entities in international economic and trade organizations, understand the goals and objectives of creating the EAEU, WTO and other international organizations; apply and clarify the procedure for resolving customs disputes, including in the EAEU, WTO, represent the interests of subjects in international organizations, including in the courts in the international language of communication.
8. Freely navigate the public service system; understand the procedure for recruiting and personnel management, understand and apply the mechanism of interaction between the customs services of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the EAEU member countries; develop and apply a motivational mechanism to ensure the quality of work; identify problems of personnel policy in the customs authorities and offer recommendations for their elimination.
9. Apply information systems and technologies; to carry out legal and other support on the application of information systems and technologies, to apply the information exchange mechanism in accordance with the information legislation; have skills in working with e-government and other information systems; to conduct electronic document flow in the customs area in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
10. Collect, process, analyze, systematize and summarize information in the field of customs, prepare references and analytical documents on professional activities, review texts, and conduct document management in the field of customs in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages;
11. Classify and interpret international customs legal relations, know and freely navigate the system of organization of customs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the EAEU, WTO and the World Customs Organization, understand the mechanism of their interaction and cooperation, negotiate, comply with the procedure and conditions for concluding and executing contracts.
12. Analyze and improve the level and quality of customs services provided, research and evaluate the market for customs services in the Republic of Kazakhstan and EAEU member countries, ensure the quality of customs services provided and interact with foreign economic activity participants.
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