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Genetics (1 year)


Biology and Biotechnology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1. Analyze current state of the general and molecular genetics, ecological and medical genetics, plant and livestock breeding;
ON2. Apply modern methods of general and molecular genetics in experimental genetic research centers and laboratories of biological, medical, agricultural, and ecological profiles;
ON3. Effectively fulfill research, production and operational activities and take responsibility of the quality of works accomplished;
ON4. Be able to process and analyze research, technical and licensing information relevant to the research topic;
ON5. Line up research, production activities based on ethic and legal regulations between people as principles of bioethics in reference of living organisms;
ON6. Display obtained experimental data in accessible form to the audience in oral, written and graphic forms;
ON7. Work out research and production projects based on the analysis of basic and applied issues in fields of biology and medicine, genetics and biotechnology;
ON8. Promote professional and self-education for professional growth; be able to work in team.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
  Data for 2017-2020 years