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Philosophy and Political Science

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1. to carry out an independent analysis of social and political conflicts at different stages of their development by conducting system analysis, questionnaires, testing, system management of databases, etc.;
2. to develop projects, programs for prevention, settlement and resolution of conflict situations in the socio-political sphere;
3. to plan, to organize and to implement mediation and any other conflict management and resolution activities;
4. to give an expert assessment of the causes, escalation and possible consequences of conflicts;
5. to predict the consequences of economic, social and political conflicts through the collection of information, systematic analysis of big data, public surveys, research of social processes, etc.;
6. to develop strategic and tactical recommendations in the field of conflict management and resolution through system analysis, questionnaires, testing, frame analysis, etc.;
7. to independently make forecasts of conflicts, participate in the diagnosis and examination of conflicts, through system analysis, questionnaires, testing, database system management, etc.;
8. to propose new scientific theories, hypotheses, ideas and concepts in the field of conflictology during the development of applied research using modern methods of systematization, analysis and examination of conflicts;
9. to create a database with the purpose of the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts on the basis of the software system, etc.;
10. to provide consulting services and analytical support in order to prevent and resolve conflicts during the introduction of negotiations;
11. to teach conflictology and related disciplines in universities, to draw up curricula, educational programs, etc.;
12. to work as a team in the study of certain social and political conflicts, in order to explain the specialized and non-specialized audience.
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