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Social pedagogics and Self-cognition(RUDN)


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Pedagogical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this educational program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. analyze and creatively use the historical and philosophical knowledge of the development of science, the principles of the organization of scientific research, ways to achieve and build scientific knowledge;
2. operate with the conceptual apparatus of social and pedagogical methodology, apply concepts, methodological approaches, principles and methods in social pedagogy and self- cognition, plan and organize research in the field of social pedagogy and self-cognition ;
3. to design general and individual programs of prevention, social-pedagogical rehabilitation and personal development in difficult life situations, to carry out and analyze social-pedagogical activities on counseling, promoting foster care, care and guardianship;
4. to carry out diagnostics, examination and correction of psychological properties and states, mental processes, various types of human activity in health and disease, taking into account the peculiarities of age stages, development crises, risk factors, gender, ethnic, professional and other social groups;
5. Plan and conduct training programs for cross-cultural communication and use the professional activities of the basic laws of the development of the modern social and cultural environment;
6. Analyze and predict the risks of the educational environment, plan comprehensive measures for their prevention and overcoming;
7. to conduct consultations, professional interviews, trainings on acmeology and the development of life skills, social competencies and emotional stability, etc.;
8. analyze and adjust the processes of socialization and personal development of children and young people, draw up and design programs for social support, correction / support and development of students with deviant behavior, participate in the development and implementation of socially valuable student activities, development of social and educational initiatives and projects, initiate social interaction with social organizations to support the individual;
9. to practice diagnostic studies of important socio-pedagogical characteristics of a person and team; use the socio-pedagogical mechanisms of management of group phenomena and processes, systematically evaluate the activities of the social services of educational organizations and improve them;
10. plan and implement interaction with the parents (legal representatives) of students, including through holding leisure activities, owning and improving social and pedagogical technologies of interaction with different categories of families;
11. conduct research in the field of education, put forward new models, systems for development, and evaluate the results of socio-pedagogical research using modern approaches and put forward conclusions and suggestions for applied applications;
12. to build their own program of further education and research activities, critically evaluate and synthesize scientific and pedagogical information; Communicate in the international community, demonstrate and discuss their scientific achievements.
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  Data for 2018-2021 years
  Data for 2018-2021 years