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Finance (1 year)


High School of Economics and Business

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 Formulate scientific theories within the framework of modern financial directions.
 Collect, process, analyze and systematize financial and economic information on the research topic, choose methods and means of solving the problem.
 Perform mathematical modeling of processes and objects on the basis of standard computer-aided design and research packages.
 Develop economic models of the processes, phenomena and objects related to the professional sphere.
ON2 – Create and analyze financial market trends, processes and instruments.
− Evaluate financial information and prepare reports for financial institutions and companies.
− Analyze the financial condition of companies and financial institutions.
− Create and develop risk maps and risk management programs and tools.
− Evaluate the value of financial instruments.
− Design new financial instruments.
− Develop the budget and financial plan of the company and financial institutions.
− To develop a policy of tax optimization of the company and financial institution.
− Develop recommendations on the investment of personal Finance.
ON3 – Create and analyze modern scientific knowledge in the field of Finance.
 Analyze trends, processes and instruments of the financial market.
 Compile financial information and compile for companies and financial institutions.
 Create and use models to describe and predict financial processes and phenomena, practical situations on the basis of qualitative analysis and synthesis.
 Create and develop risk maps and risk management programs and tools.
 Analyze the sources of capital for short-term and long-term financing of companies and financial institutions.
 Analyze the factors of formation of the fundamental cost of capital of the company and financial institution and its evaluation.
 Evaluate the value of financial instruments.
 Design new financial instruments.
ON4 - Manage financial and economic units in government, regional and local government, companies and financial institutions.
 Justify the effectiveness of strategic management decisions.
 Monitor the implementation of strategic management decisions and financial plans.
 Implement financial policies of companies and financial institutions.
 Manage the portfolio of securities of the company and financial institution (companies and financial institutions).
 Plan income from the placement of available funds and the acquisition of highly liquid government securities.
 Manage the reporting process (financial and management).
ON5 - Develop business plans for the creation and development of new organizations (activities, products), assess the economic and social conditions of business, develop corporate strategies, plan and implement activities aimed at their implementation.
 Know the methods of project management and readiness for their implementation using modern software, the ability to build economic, financial, organizational and management models.
 To evaluate the effectiveness of the projects subject to uncertainty.
 Know the methods of design of labor processes and workplaces, development of modern forms of payment and stimulation of labor.
 Critically evaluate the proposed financial solutions and develop and justify proposals for their improvement, taking into account the risks and possible socio-economic consequences.
ON6 - Apply knowledge in the field of innovation, skills and abilities to restructure professional activity, to implement author's innovative ideas, to find non-standard and alternative solutions, to be able to generate new ideas, to critical thinking.
 Formulate the problem, creatively approach to its solution; possession of methods of development of creative abilities; the ability to creatively use the accumulated experience and create new techniques.
 Apply the achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology in the field of their professional activities.
ON7 - To form knowledge of regulatory and legal documents in the field of Economics, Finance, regulatory and instructional documentation, skills and abilities to develop current documentation.
 To design the organizational structure, to distribute powers and responsibilities on the basis of their delegation.
 Take part in the development of financial decisions and be responsible for the implementation of these decisions within the limits of their duties, the ability to assess the consequences of decisions.
 Have organizational skills, the ability to show high performance discipline.
ON8 - Apply methods of communication in society.
 Argue a point of view through positive communication.
 To perceive and to discuss different views through positive communication.
 Propose to consider the problem, to argue its importance.
 To take criticism and criticize.
 Share the results of the research with the scientific community.
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