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National history (Istanbul U-ty )


History, Archaeology and Ethnology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 to carry out research activities in the professional field of national history, political, social and spiritual-ideological continuity of Turkic statehood;
ON2 to create prospects for the application of new approaches that have developed in the “new historical science” and methods for constructing interdisciplinary approaches and applying a heuristic research model in the study of national history and Turkic heritage;
ON3 to analyze the evolution and transformation of historical research methods and distinguish between strategies for applying interdisciplinary methods in the history of Turkic peoples;
ON4 demonstrate a systematic understanding of modern research practices and the prospects for their application within the areas of national history.
ON5 to analyze and compare scientific approaches and main trends in the field of common Turkic history and interpret the essence of new approaches to studying the fundamental problems of socio-economic, political, constitutional and legal development;
ON6 to formulate the principles of the study of ethnic, ethnocultural and demographic processes of the national state and integrate the knowledge gained and explain the features of the scientific concept of use in cognitive and professional activities;
ON7 to plan scientific research, including familiarization with the subject of research, substantiation of the purpose, research tasks and methods of historical research and the application of specific logical and mathematical methods in the study of the Turkic heritage;
ON8 to master research procedures and methods of integrating Turkic history into the world educational system and original scientific research on national history;
ON9 critically analyze and adapt the Turkic heritage, taking into account their historical, political, social, economic, demographic, ethnic, cultural, religious characteristics;
ON10 to integrate the acquired knowledge for the development of national historical science and the solution of standard scientific and professional tasks, to differentiate the problems associated with the study and systematization of the main historical problems, research methods;
ON11 to apply expert and analytical skills for the preparation and processing of information to ensure the practical activities of analytical and research centers, public and state organizations and the media in the Turkic historical space;
ON12 use the skills to master the technique of establishing professional contacts and developing professional communication, including in English, Turkish and other languages, and determine the prospects and opportunities for the development and transformation of Turkic historical science.
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