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Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Model of graduating student
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PO1 - to interpret scientific theories and concepts in the relevant specialized field of fundamental and applied chemistry;
PO2 - to integrate the latest achievements of science and practice in the field of chemistry into the practical activities of a research chemist, a teacher chemist to solve professional tasks, including in a wider interdisciplinary context, focused on achieving environmental, social, economic and other goals;
PO3 – to conduct a systematic search and prepare a scientific review of the state of modern scientific research on a specific topic;
PO4 - to carry out the analysis of scientific information for the formulation of scientific hypotheses in the framework of its own research;
PO5 - implement independently the formulation of the goal and objectives of scientific research, as well as the expected result, on the basis of a critical analysis and evaluation of modern scientific concepts, achievements and research in the studied / profile field of chemistry;
PO6 - to make a reasonable choice of methods, techniques, computer programs and applications of mathematical modeling and calculation, to control the process, including technological, performing a scientific experiment, processing and generalizing the results obtained;
PO7 - to analyze and interpret the obtained data (process control, scientific research results) to substantiate their reliability and value in the framework of modern concepts and theories in the field of chemistry;
PO8 - to apply fundamental and modern knowledge and methodology of physicochemical research to develop new and improve existing methods for producing substances and materials with specified characteristics, research methods of substances, materials and processes, technological processes or their stages;
PO9 - to carry out qualitative and quantitative modeling of the process in order to establish its mechanism, ways of its regulation, to obtain a product with specified characteristics or to increase its output, to determine the optimal conditions for its implementation and control;
PO10 – to develop a curriculum for teaching chemical disciplines in the context of modern achievements in the field of chemistry and the requirements of higher education pedagogy;
PO11 – to present the results of your own research in the chosen field of chemistry in the form of a scientific publication;
PO12 - to continue independent and autonomous training for creative self-development and self-improvement, for the development of basic and subject-matter competencies during the entire professional activity.
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