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Entrepreneurship and Law


High School of Economics and Business

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  • Professional
After completion of this educational program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. Plan, model and perform effective business strategies, attract modern information and communication technologies to improve their professional activities;
2. Possess methods of compiling tasks, tasks, exercises, statistical methods of economic accounting, analysis of macroeconomic indicators to identify and predict the strategic ways of development of the country, ensuring the implementation of the effectiveness of business activities;
3. Generalizing and interpreting the priority directions of development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws and other regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating entrepreneurial activities;
4. Analyze the external and internal environment of firms, identify its key elements and assess their impact on business;
5. Apply systematic knowledge in the field of aggregate of funds, forms and methods for analyzing the economic efficiency of entrepreneurial projects in production activities;
6. Analyze and competently apply legal acts in the activities of various organizational and legal forms of enterprises in entrepreneurship activities;
7. To critically evaluate, develop and introduce new methods, procedures and methodologies when solving applied aspects and managing business plans in business activities;
8. Systematically cover and analyze the main priorities and problems of modern economic life, the economic policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the macro-micro levels and present the results in the form of expert assessments, reports, abstracts, scientific publications;
9. Introduce and apply skills to use specific forms and methods for assessing the economic efficiency of entrepreneurship activities;
10. Apply modern tools and micro and econometric methods of economic analysis, modeling, theoretical and experimental planning to solve economic problems when solving specific economic, industrial, scientific problems;
11. Formation an understanding of the responsibility of subjects and entrepreneurial risk in entrepreneurship activities;
12. Demonstrate willingness to cooperate with colleagues, work in a team, apply organizational and managerial skills in future activities.
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
  Data for 2017-2020 years