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Insurance business


High School of Economics and Business

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 To carry out continuous self-education in the field of insurance and finance, to design an educational route and a professional career; to assess the significance of the results of problem-oriented and project-oriented themes in their own professional development and in the development of the scientific paradigm.
ON2 Apply deep knowledge and skills in the field of insurance to make competent decisions when organizing the insurance business of the company; be able to use the knowledge gained in their practical activities when analyzing the factors of the country's economic life; master the skills of self-study and analysis of new theoretical developments in the field of finance, regulatory documents and statistical materials on financial issues.
ON3 Simulate forecast scenarios for the development of the insurance market; develop business engineering and insurance products, systematically develop business projects in insurance; analyze the insurance industry entrepreneurship; introduce innovative insurance products, enter into the discussion in the process of discussing it with a view to reasoned protection.
Identify socio-economic problems and analyze processes using systems analysis methods and mathematical modeling; to distinguish between modern debatable concepts and paradigms discussed in domestic and foreign insurance.
Interpret and summarize modern scientific knowledge in the field of insurance in the context of the leading areas of the insurance business (comparative, structural, cognitive, receptive criticism); to present scientific theories within the framework of modern scientific insurance directions (cognitology, cultural studies, conflictology, etc.),
practically implement educational activities in certain types of studies (laboratory, practical and seminars) on insurance disciplines in higher education organizations; demonstrate traditional and innovative educational methods and technologies of teaching insurance disciplines in higher education; to carry out independent scientific research in the field of educational psychology, methods of teaching insurance.
ON6 Have skills in systems research in the field of financial management, searching and posing problem issues of theory and practice, analyzing discussion questions on financial topics, applying theory to practice-oriented tasks, concise presentation of the results of their research, assessing the value and profitability of financial instruments, financial modeling of investment projects, conducting Marginal analysis of investment projects of the company, conducting factor analysis of the effectiveness of the company, holding stnogo capex performance analysis.
ON7 Use the research methodology in the context of various areas of modern insurance; find technological solutions to a scientific problem; use experimental techniques to analyze insurance processes in various areas of society within the framework of one or another scientific direction, use different methods of analysis and interpretation in the research process; to formulate problems and tasks of scientific research, choose the appropriate methodology, determine the stages of research, evaluate and interpret the results obtained
ON8 Develop insurance products and services based on marketing research, consumer behavioral theories, various economic theories, calculate the cost of insurance products and services, organize the process of optimizing the promotion of insurance products and services
ON9 Systematically plan the budget of the organization, draw up business projects for the insurance business, study various aspects in the field of entrepreneurship in insurance, manage financial flows in insurance
ON10 To find technological solutions to a scientific problem;
identify goals, objectives and methodology in independent research; to generate the received scientific knowledge in own scientific research on insurance; to formulate problems and tasks of scientific research, choose the appropriate methodology, determine the stages of research; carry out scientific research, evaluate and interpret the results; reasonably present the obtained results and conclusions in a scientific presentation or defense.
ON11 To give applied interpretations on the basis of economic doctrines, to develop dynamics on the basis of critical assessment, to conduct scientific research based on various theories and methods.
ON12 Apply communication methods in society; perceive and discuss other views through positive communication; perceive criticism and criticize; share the results of the study with the public concerned; effectively use methods of searching information on the Internet, technologies of working with electronic catalogs of leading libraries and museums of Kazakhstan and the world
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