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Simultaneous conference translation (1,5 years)


International Relations

  • Profile direction - Master of Humanitarian Sciences
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ON1 To use in translation activities methodological principles and strategies of translation, the theoretical foundations of intercultural communication, management and management psychology; the theory of foreign and native languages at the professional level; the specifics of simultaneous translation in accordance with the requirements for voice culture and non-verbal behavior, physical and psychological endurance in the process of interpretation.
ON2 Successfully implement simultaneous conference translation: to achieve a high level of concentration and accuracy; demonstrate psychological stability in conditions of prolonged stress, manage emotions and behavior (the translator is a neutral translator); use the technique of oral speech and achieve a smooth reading of the text in accordance with the deployment of the speaker's speech, good diction, correct intonation design.
ON3 Tolerantly perceive social, ethnic, religious, cultural and other differences between political and business negotiators and implement in the process of oral translation forms of intercultural communication among people of different cultures in order to ensure cooperation and full-fledged dialogue with compliance with international speech etiquette.
ON4 To perform simultaneous interpretation by ear, simultaneous interpretation from a sheet in the context of an international conference within the framework of political, scientific, economic and technical discourse. Perform consecutive interpretation and interpretation from a sheet in compliance with the norms of lexical equivalence, grammatical, syntactic and stylistic norms of the translation text and temporal characteristics of the source text.
ON5 Master a wide range of topics and specialized terminology; adapt the language and style to the speech of the speaker and the audience; distinguish and understand accents and regional variations of the language; demonstrate the professional level of communicative receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking and writing) skills in a foreign language for successful synchronization of the speaker’s speech in the translation process.
ON6 To plan and organize project activities on simultaneous conference translation of an interdisciplinary nature using information technologies to find solutions to translation problems and difficulties in interpreting. Conduct textual analysis and decoding of all components of the content embedded in the original, in order to preserve them in the translation text.
ON7 Apply speech and presentation techniques to qualified simultaneous and consistent support of international forums, conferences and negotiations. Follow international standards of translation ethics and implement successful communication strategies in translation. Adequately transfer the communicative-logical structure of a statement in simultaneous translation from a foreign language into the mother tongue and from the native language into a foreign language for successful implementation of a two-way translation.
ON8 Effectively use the translation recording technique for consistent translation; apply text compression techniques; overcome psychological and emotional stress in bilateral translation; perform probabilistic forecasting in the conditions of simultaneous translation; use synchronous equipment, text editors, electronic dictionaries. Train the memory in order to increase the amount of memorized information.
ON9 Perceive the source text, taking into account the individual characteristics of the speaker's speech; use the most frequent translation matches in automated mode; apply translational transformations; implement fast sequential interlanguage translation with a translation speed equal to the speed of a speaker’s speech; quickly switch from one language to another in terms of perception and reduction; intonation correctly formulate statements in accordance with the norms of language and speech etiquette.
ON10 To comprehensively present linguistic and speech skills, linguistic and cultural studies, regional geographic and cultural knowledge for simultaneous translation at international conferences and negotiations, as well as in cultural, administrative and other areas of communicative interaction. To conduct abstract and oral translation of texts at international conferences on topical issues of the oil, technical, legal and economic sectors; translation of monologue and dialogical speech with and without recording.
ON11 Compile a glossary of terminology on the subject of translation, alphabetical script, symbols, logical-syntactic relations, idiomatic expressions. Perform pre-translational analysis of written and oral texts, which contributes to an accurate perception of the original utterance, forecasting the likely cognitive dissonance and inconsistencies in the translation process and ways to overcome them in order to implement successful international political negotiations.
ON12 To improve and develop their intellectual and general cultural level, independently develop psychological stability in the conditions of a stressful situation of simultaneous translation; perform exercises and auto-training for concentration; systematically improve their linguistic, physical and psychological preparation, expand and deepen the special and background knowledge, active stock of special (legal, economic, oil and gas, technical) and frequency vocabulary. Effectively use knowledge of management psychology and project activities to develop their professional and personal potential.
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