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Natural and technological risks


Geography and Environmental Sciences

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
 to use the advanced scientific knowledge of the clerk of the superior systems of various systems of higher grades and classification in the form of a practical higher qualification of the higher class of higher grades;
 to introduce the integration of geographical and ecological knowledge in the use of information technology;
 to produce a background analysis of the formation of interactive controls in the theories and methods of modern science.
 use the data of the remote distribution of the Ground in the analysis of the objects of research with the help of the computer technology;
 the whole world of knowledge and art and technology is the first to choose a sophisticated system of learning and learning;
 analyze the development of the development of the hereditary geography, ecology, their potential and potential growth.
 to finish the logical mathematics of the legend in the course of the design of the com- pact production of various targets and masses;
 to take into account information technologies for solving practical tasks, analyzing and predicting the development of natural objects and phenomena;
 to make complex methods of the complex analysis and performance taking into account the general methodology of scientific research.
 use the navigation and market information on the analysis and resolution of the problems of the relevant systems;
 to apply the technology of digital mod- elization of the systems by the means of the implementation of interdisciplinary educational and scientific research projects;
 effectively select the software support during the projection, prognosis and coding of natural systems and the analysis of space images.
 duplication of innovative methods and perspective trends of modern science and technology of the development of scientific and technological trends;
 formulate problems, goals and objectives of a modern game strategy when creating a learning strategy;
 to use differentiated approach when choosing types of modeling of the structure and dynamics of different systems (hesist).
 make an assessment of changes in the structure and dynamics of the systems and build their progressed models;
 visualization of environmental and technical risks of environmental systems, their environmental and socio-economic consequences for the public;
 predict the occurrence and development of natural risks, and compile the results on the basis of the output;
 provide a comparative analysis of the benefits and shortcomings of existing space-based satellite systems for the study of natural-space propulsion systems;
 to formulate and justify the foundations of local, environmental monopoling;
classification methods with the use of various monitoring systems and control environment;
 classical modeling models with the use of various monitoring systems and controlling environment
 make proprietary cards of natural and technologic risks for taking control decisions;
 to analyze and apply digital technologies for the analysis of natural processes and phenomena;
 to formulate the basic problems of the theo- ries and methods of the study of the natural-economic risks of the regional and the natural scopes of the order human beings
 the reconciliation of the new ideas and technical means of a spurious simulation and the best aspects of their efficient use of their activities;
 to form, according to the results of the state system, the maintenance and the factors of the formation of the natural and open-minded people of the ocuranium and the confrontational society;
 give a prediction to pragmatic-tech risks and their ecological and social-economic consequences for the public and for the gosphichesky systems.
 to compile and give a comparison score to the results of the complex monitoring in the case of the analysis by the gesists;
 formulate the basis of the environmental and national monitoring of the environmental system and the environmental pathway for controlling the environmental system by means of a physical system;
 to evaluate the traditional and innovative methods and methods of the spontaneous mod- ernization of the various volumes of the city information;
 technical and proliferation cards for environmental planning and control programma- tion in the process of exploration;
 complement and give the disparity to the score, volume, potential and availability of various sources of information in the analysis of disproportioned energy and energy;
 present the results of the research in the professional environment justify the choice of methods of scientific research, the results of substantive research results.
 advise on the scienti fi c results and conclusions of the cooperative scienti fi c research and research and development work;
 housekeepers workforce software in the field of workforce planning and prognostication and exploration and exploitation of their workforce;
 to critically evaluate the results and conclusions as the result of research and development and research and development.
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