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Law in Health Care


Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Profile direction - Master of Law
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1.Use dogmatic (formal legal), comparative legal, social legal, historical and legal, theoretical and legal, meta-theoretical, prognostic methods of legal analysis in their scientific research.
2. Integrate the knowledge of related scientific areas in the context of their own scientific research
3. Make your own original contribution to the development of health jurisprudence through writing and defending a master's thesis.
4. To carry out legal analysis of preventive measures to prevent offenses in the field of administrative, civil, criminal, labor law.
5. To carry out a comprehensive assessment of legal issues in the field of public health in organizations engaged in the provision of medical and diagnostic and preventive care.
6. To conduct a critical legal analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas, problems, approaches and trends in the field of health law.
7. Evaluate statistical data with theoretical approaches in jurisprudence, demonstrate an understanding of cause-effect relationships and methodological approaches in interpreting data in relation to the legal responsibility of medical organizations and medical personnel.
8. Assess the significance of the influence of personal qualities of a lawyer with knowledge of the legal framework in the field of health care on the performance of health organizations.
9. Identify various concepts in the field of medical law and apply them in daily practice; observe professional, ethical and legal principles in their work.
10. To disseminate and popularize legal knowledge in their practical work in health care institutions.
11. Competently and competently draw conclusions when advising on legal issues of employees of a health care organization with a focus on developing their legal awareness, enhancing legal competences in the field of health protection.
12. Think critically, creatively and independently, clearly and clearly describe legal information, build effective professional communication with colleagues.
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