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Landscape-ecological planning and nature management


Geography and Environmental Sciences

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ON1. systematize geographical data to create a database, own traditional and innovative methods of geographical analysis;
ON2. to evaluate the current state and ways of integration of cartography, Geoinformatics and aerospace sensing with the theoretical concepts of geographical science;
ON3. to know the methods and technologies of implementation of international digital mapping projects to use innovative principles of processing a new type of satellite images using international experience;
ON4. to classify fundamental and applied problems of management of natural, socio-economic and ecological geosystems of different rank and complexity at the global, regional, local, municipal levels with the help of GIS applications;
ON5. define criteria for the development and implementation of GIS projects to create new areas of significant practical importance in different sectors of the economy;
ON6. implement the collection, storage and processing of primary information, use geoinformation and cartographic methods of complex studies of nature, population and their interaction;
ON7. develop and design DBMS creation based on primary and secondary geospatial data using programming languages and technologies;
ON8. apply modern and traditional methods of planning and implementation of geographical and geoinformation research in accordance with the tasks in the implementation of scientific projects;
ON9. To enter into communication in oral and written forms in Kazakh, Russian, foreign languages to solve interpersonal, inter-cultural and professional communication;
ON10. to use the methods of spatial analysis to identify the main problems of environmental management, as well as to monitor the environment based on the analysis of geoinformation and aerospace materials using GIS;
ON11. to analyze large volumes of cartographic, geoinformation and aerospace materials for solving design and survey, production tasks, using methods of geographical analysis;
ON12. to apply innovative methods for teaching GIS and geography courses in Universities;
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
  Data for 2017-2020 years