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Law enforcement activity (1 year)



  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1 Be able to use oral and written statements to perform specific functions; analyze the methodological problems of the psychological analysis of management processes and phenomena; identify key concepts and institutions for law enforcement
ON2 To be able to clearly express your thoughts, to cope with difficult and dead-end situations; apply and describe psychological methods of studying individuals and social groups (communities) in order to improve management efficiency; identify the actual problems of civil, criminal justice.
Disclose the main problematic aspects related to the implementation of law enforcement functions.
ON3 Be able to: independently work on professional and scientific problems; systematize the basic psychological characteristics of the activities of management entities; establish the nature and content of the psychological preparation of subjects of law enforcement; Demonstrate ideas about how to ensure the rights of citizens. Analyze the problems of law enforcement.
ON4 Identify, document, suppress criminal and administrative offenses, conduct proceedings on administrative and criminal offenses.
ON5 To carry out prevention, the prevention of criminal and administrative offenses on the basis of the use of the laws of crime, criminal behavior, and methods of their prevention.
ON6 Identify and eliminate the causes and conditions conducive to the commission of offenses, correctly reflect the results of professional activity in the procedural and official documentation.
ON7 Demonstrate skills in applying the methodology for drafting legal documents, procedural and official documents.
ON8 To apply the norms of criminal, criminal procedure, civil, civil procedure legislation, to find solutions in situations of contradictions and gaps using conflict of laws principles.
ON9 Demonstrate the skills of planning, organizing, determining the proper strategy, practical implementation of monitoring the activities of law enforcement agencies, protecting the rights and interests of citizens, society, and the state.
ON10 Demonstrate the skills to generate scientific knowledge gained in your own resolution of law and order disputes
ON11 Demonstrate the skills to develop projects of your own decisions of legal cases and other written and electronic legal and procedural documents in the field of administration of justice.
ON12 to carry out the formulation of the goals and objectives of the stages of independent scientific research of the problems of criminal, civil, criminal procedure, civil procedure law, the presentation of the results in the form of a thesis, to present a well-founded defense
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