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ON 1 To argue the reasons that slow down the process of formation of the rule of law in Kazakhstan; Contextualize the works of famous thinkers of the past on the rule of law;
To demonstrate the knowledge gained in the study of the features of the historical formation of statehood and the formation of the legal culture of the CIS countries and European countries;
To justify the legal and other social practices; To determine the philosophical problems of the origin and historical evolution of science, as well as the main legal systems of our time.
ON 2 Interpret knowledge and understanding of constitutionalism as a fundamental definition of constitutional law;
To reveal the essence of the doctrine of parliamentarism as one of the basic definitions of constitutional and legal science that characterizes the fundamental principles of parliamentary law; Consider the content of the Constitution, the latest national legislation on the Parliament of Kazakhstan; To study the ways of developing the practice of law-making through research, scientific-practical and scientific-methodical conferences, round tables, etc.;
To argue the development and improvement of the existing administrative legislation, providing measures to combat administrative and other offenses.
ON 3 To analyze ways of improving the theory and practice of law, psychological and pedagogical education of participants of educational relations, legal culture, public administration and public service of Kazakhstan in the CIS and Europe.
To use the results of comparative legal analysis in the research of international legal and European legal institutions and phenomena;
Discuss state policy in the field of regulation of civil law relations, business activities and certain types of property and property rights; To practice skills and abilities of the solution of practical problems in the sphere of legal regulation of civil liability.
ON 4 Systematize knowledge and ability to solve problems in existing and potential issues of organization and activity of financial bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, application of banking law, budget law;
To use skills and abilities of the solution of practical problems in the sphere of legal regulation of medical care of citizens, in the sphere of legal regulation of property and personal non-property rights of migrants;
To assess problems in the sphere of legal regulation of labor relations, in the sphere of legal regulation of property and personal non-property rights of the child.
ON 5 Analyze the problems of systematization of information in the investigation of crime and decision-making for tactical impact on the investigative situation in the investigation; Use the correct understanding of the role and purpose of penal policy in the aspect of combating crime; Explain the social relations arising in connection with the Commission of crimes in the financial sphere using information technology; To interpret the essence and distinctive features of the investigative action and operational investigative measures
ON 6 To modify the theoretical and normative features of state-legal regulation of subsoil use, features of legal regulation of the ecological zoning, mining law in the RK in Kazakhstan and in the countries of the CIS, the Eurasian economic Union and foreign countries to the maintenance of international environmental legal cooperation;
To argue through the analysis of the main criminal law measures, the implementation of criminal policy in this area, ways to solve problems, as well as the improvement of national criminal, criminal procedure legislation, theory of evidence, criminology and criminology.
ON 7 Explain the main problematic aspects related to the victimological security of the person; legal acts regulating business activity; theoretical and practical problems of theory and practice of tax legislation; methodological basis and specificity of methods used in criminal law theory.
ON 8 Develop qualified legal opinions and consultations on issues related to the activities of law enforcement agencies in the field of combating corruption; basic methods, methods and recommendations for the detection and investigation of crimes;
legal and organizational mechanism to ensure the development and functioning of the rational use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations; educational and research projects, to present scientific results in various fields of banking law.
ON 9 Recommend conceptual ideas and concrete proposals for improving legislation and law enforcement practices in the field of combating organized crime and corruption;
administrative and legal means and basis of public security;
conclusions, suggestions and recommendations for solving actual problems of law enforcement activity organization;
the latest achievements of theory and practice in the field of health and health care.
ON 10 Develop recommendations to improve the activities of investigators at the initial and subsequent stages of the investigation of different categories of crimes; Develop qualified legal opinions and advice on the application and implementation of the principles of the OSA; Find administrative and legal means and bases of public security; Make a decision on a controversial scientific issue and find ways to resolve problematic situations in the criminal law sphere
ON 11 Develop specific proposals to improve the current legislation regulating forensic activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, departmental regulations and the creation of a unified system of state expert institutions;
Assess reasonable proposals to improve the activities of institutions and bodies executing criminal penalties in the Republic of Kazakhstan; To organize scientific research using the provisions of the rule of law, to be able to fruitful research and teaching activities.
ON 12 to Offer conceptual ideas for the analysis of various legal phenomena in the field of legal facts, legal norms and legal relations that are the objects of medical services and health protection;
information technologies in the financial and legal sphere, in the state sphere, in the civil sphere, in the criminal law sphere and in other spheres;
development to address the problems of the practice of implementation of constitutional legislation in these areas and develop ways to solve them; the results of the work done in the form of reports, articles, designed in accordance with the existing requirements, with the use of modern editing and printing tools;
management decisions on the solution of actual problems of the current administrative legislation in the fight against administrative offenses.
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