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Сonstitutional and administrative Law



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ON1 - assist deputies of Parliament in the development and execution of draft laws, prepare draft conclusions of the head committees of the Majilis and the Senate, conduct scientific anti-corruption and other types of examinations (legal, linguistic, environmental, financial and other) draft laws; to advise deputies on the legislative process and the procedure for the consideration of draft laws in Parliament, when considering appeals from individuals and legal entities addressed to them; prepare reference materials for bills that are under consideration in the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan; draw up and organize the storage of personnel documents; accumulate, systematize and keep records of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, maintain the texts of the current laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a controlling state.
ON2 - to carry out information and analytical, legal, organizational and material and technical support of the activities of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its Presidium, other structural divisions, events held by the Prime Minister and his deputies; provide documentation support for the Government; review official documents, letters and applications, organize reception of citizens; analyze the flow of documents, improve clerical work; organize storage and accounting of the legislation of the Republic.
ON3 - prepare and provide the Chairman and members of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan with analytical, informational, reference and other materials; assist the members of the Constitutional Council in the preparation of materials for meetings dedicated to the consideration of specific cases; prepare analytical and statistical materials for the draft annual message of the Constitutional Council on the state of constitutional legality in the country; carry out work on the interaction of the Constitutional Council with other state bodies; organize office work, accounting and storage of documentation.
ON4 - to compose the work of the department, to consider the appeals of individuals and legal entities, to conduct official checks regarding the execution of the work plan, to maintain the executive order of the staff of the Department of Justice; interact with state and other bodies on the execution of judicial acts; draw up work plans for the department, analyze and summarize the work on enforcement proceedings; prepare relevant proposals for the improvement of work, compile references, reviews of information, compilation, compile summary statistical reports of the judicial authorities; organize work with the media, develop plans for publications, articles in the media.
ON5 - organize and conduct lectures, seminars, contests, round tables and other anti-corruption events, ensure the conduct of scientific, practical and sociological research on public perceptions of the level of corruption; interact with government bodies and organizations on minimizing the causes and conditions for the occurrence of corruption in their activities; to analyze information on the identification of corruption risks in regulatory legal acts affecting the activities of the object of external analysis of corruption risks in organizational and management activities; analyze the results of disciplinary, administrative practices and pre-trial investigations of corruption offenses and crimes, develop proposals for improving the prevention of corruption, anti-corruption education and public relations mechanisms; prepare reporting information on the activities of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption.
ON6 - receive citizens and consider complaints of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons, prepare proposals when receiving information about violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan about appealing to parliament chambers on these issues; prepare reviews of the activities of international human rights organizations and other non-governmental human rights organizations in the field of the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms; to organize the involvement of specialists in the performance of expert and consulting work in order to prepare opinions on the circumstances to be clarified, related to the violation of the rights of a person and citizen; publish in the media articles and materials about the state of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan; prepare static and analytical materials for the Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare an annual report on his activities.
ON7 - ensure compliance with the current legislation of draft decisions of sessions, resolutions of standing committees and orders of the secretary of the city maslikhat, prepare drafts of regulatory legal acts of the maslikhat; to carry out scientific anti-corruption expertise of draft regulatory legal acts of the maslikhat; prepare reference papers, information materials on the fight against crime, corruption, drug addiction, etc .; to participate in the reception of citizens, to conduct consultations, clarifications on legal issues; provide legal assistance to staff members and maslikhat deputies; organize and carry out the work of legal education maslikhat.
ON8 - to analyze the effectiveness of the activities of state bodies on the execution of acts and instructions of akim, the development of recommendations for further improvement of the activities of state bodies; to carry out information-analytical, legal, organizational, protocol, documentation, logistical and other support of the akimat and akim; analyze the internal political and economic situation in the city, forecast its development, analyze the work of local executive bodies financed from the local budget;
to carry out organizational preparation and holding of events on issues of elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan
to organize the interaction of the activities of law enforcement agencies on ensuring the protection of public order and security, combating crime, combating corruption and preventing terrorism in the city.
ON9 - to accept applications for paperwork, check the correctness of filling out applications and the completeness of the package of submitted documents; to enter the relevant information about the applicant and the list of the submitted documents in the ITS PSC; prepare the correspondence for shipment to the authorized bodies; inform the management of the Centers about all violations of law and order in the territory of the respective Centers that have become known to them; to record in IIS of the PSC actions on the transfer of documents to authorized bodies (by scanning the bar code), acceptance from authorized bodies, transfer to the issuing sector and issuing documents to the applicant.
ON10 - receive applications from interested parties; provide legal, organizational and technical assistance to the judges of the Specialized Administrative and Juvenile Courts in the preparation of the trial; collect materials and prepare analytical reviews, static references, reports on the work done; work with citizens on receiving and issuing documents; organize office work, accounting and storage of administrative and procedural documents of the Specialized administrative and juvenile courts.
ON11 - to collect statistical and practical materials on the development of the theory of constitutional and administrative law, the improvement of constitutional and administrative-legal legislation; to analyze existing scientific theories and bibliographic sources in which they are expressed; to conduct scientific research on the problems of the effective functioning of constitutional and administrative-legal legislation; reflect the results of scientific research in theses and articles; to prepare dissertation research on problematic issues of the development of science of constitutional and administrative rights (SRI).
ON12 - to carry out scientific research on the analysis of problematic issues of constitutional and administrative law; conduct training sessions on the cycle of state-legal disciplines; develop new elective courses on the state-legal direction, reflecting the problematic issues of the development of legislation; to organize and direct the research of students and undergraduates; to carry out and coordinate the connection of scientific research of universities with government bodies on the issues of legislative improvement.
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