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Intellectual law (1year)



  • Profile direction - Master of Law
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Mastering the program will allow you to acquire the ability:
ON1 ability to explain, analyze, present modern theories of exclusive rights to intellectual property objects from the perspective of various civil schools, the doctrine of subjective civil rights, to interpret modern scientific knowledge when planning, organizing, conducting independent research, to evaluate systematically legal processes and phenomena in the field of intellectual property in the form of scientific generalization (essay, scientific communication).
ON2 ability to navigate in the system of institutions of intellectual property rights, in legislation on intellectual property and in its contemporary problems, to explain the patterns of development of institutions of intellectual property rights, to present the results of their own legal analysis of intellectual property rights problems.
ON3 to identify similarities and differences in the legal regime of intellectual property objects, to determine the grounds for the emergence of their legal protection, the legal forms of their creation and use in civil circulation.
ON4 to represent systematically legal models, to choose the optimal forms of introducing intellectual property into production and their commercialization in accordance with the specific features of intellectual property.
ON5 ability to determine the conditions of legal protection, to carry out legal support of the process of creating, using intellectual property on the Internet
ON6 the ability to choose the necessary contractual structures and to determine the terms of contracts ensuring the creation, use, transfer of intellectual property.
ON7 ability to apply the methodology of conclusion, changing, terminating, executing contracts in the field of intellectual products circulation;
ON8 the ability to apply the norms of international legal protection of the results of intellectual activity, to find their solutions in situations of contradictions and gaps using conflict of laws principles
ON9 to plan, organize, determine and practically implement the proper strategy of legal support for the creation and use of intellectual property
ON10 to generate the received scientific knowledge into solution of practical incidents, disputes regarding the creation, use, protection, commercialization of intellectual property rights;
ON11 to develop drafts of own decisions of legal cases and other written and electronic documents of legal content, procedural documents necessary in the process of protecting exclusive rights in court and in the process of resolving conflict issues in international legal disputes.
ON12 to formulate objectives, tasks, problems, methodology, stages of independent scientific research of the theory and problems of intellectual property law, law enforcement practice, to present the results in the form of thesis, to present well-reasoned defense.
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