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Financial Law



  • Model of graduating student
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  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. carry out a scientific analysis of the legal situation in the financial sector of the country, international financial relations, in cooperation with international financial institutions;
2. based on the analysis of the leading directions of world jurisprudence and taking into account the peculiarities of the evolution of domestic legal science and practice, be able to assess the current state and characterize the main trends in the development of financial law in general and its institutions
3. evaluate, explain and carry out claim-related work, orient yourself in the intricacies of drawing up financial documentation and contracts, and other documentation;
4. to provide scientific and legal expertise of documents of a legal nature, to carry out research activities in the field of the national and international financial sector;
5. to conduct a scientific analysis and present scientifically based solutions to problems in the financial sector of the country and in the international space at the disciplinary and interdisciplinary levels;
6. apply knowledge and ability to solve problems in existing and potential problems of domestic and international financial law at the level of interdisciplinary contexts;
7. have the ability to integrate the knowledge gained and solve complex issues in the field of the theory of financial law and practical financial and legal activities.
8. to carry out rule-making activities in the field of regulating the activities of financial organizations;
9. to be guided in the system of managing financial and corruption risks, comprehensively approaching their reduction through the use of various tools, including the legal cycle;
10. demonstrate an understanding of the need and availability of business information for the effective functioning of the business;
11. be able to use information in improving the competitiveness of the company;
12. use modern methods of processing and analyzing business information.
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