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Technical regulation and quality management


of Physics and Technology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
ability for analytical thinking, generalization, systematization and forecasting in the field of standardization
2. the ability to make non-standard decisions of different situations, to be responsible for the decisions made
3. the ability to self-development, self-realization, the use of creative potential in quality management
4. the ability to formulate goals and objectives of the study, identify priorities for solving problems, select and create evaluation criteria for the object of study
5. the ability to apply modern research methods, process the results of the work performed using various computer programs
6. ability to use a foreign language in the professional field
7. the ability to formulate tasks for the development of regulatory documents related to the modernization of technological equipment, measures to improve performance, improve environmental safety, save resources
8. the ability to conduct innovative measures to improve the quality of projects, feasibility and functional analysis of the effectiveness of design solutions, using application software to standardize the design parameters and the choice of serial and new product development
9. ability to develop quality improvement measures using specific methods of the world's leading companies in the improvement of production technology
10. ability to determine the need of international and Kazakhstan regulatory documents for use in the production of various products of domestic production
11. the ability to plan and set research objectives, select methods of experimental work, interpret and present the results of scientific research in the form of reports, abstracts, scientific publications and public discussions
12. ability to develop documentation in accordance with the requirements of the international standards of the ISO series on the quality management system, environmental management, labor protection and social responsibility, food safety, integrity and safety of information, energy management
13. readiness for pedagogical activity in the field of vocational training
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