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Sport management


Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Economic Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Upon completion of this educational program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. to develop a set of measures for analyzing and evaluating problems and prospects for the development of management in the field of physical culture and sports;
2. to carry out educational and methodological, scientific and pedagogical activities in educational institutions of higher and secondary professional educational structures and in research organizations, to justify the relevance and practical significance of the chosen topic of scientific research;
3. to develop curricula and methodological support of management disciplines, as well as apply modern methods and techniques in their teaching
4. to analyze the experimental data with theoretical and methodological approaches to obtain an effective result;
5. to classify independent research and sports projects using modern tools;
6. to integrate sports with business, marketing and management strategies, understand the range of management issues in the sports industry, as well as show their management skills and abilities;
7. to integrate, select and formulate a social order for the production of a specific sports product and make organizational and management decisions for its implementation in various conditions of the internal and external environment of a sports organization;
8. to evaluate the strategy of the functioning of sports organizations and summarize the results of profitability and competitiveness of organizations in the context of economic and sports competition;
9. to design, organize and build a design and program for marketing research, analyze, describe, justify and present data with modern methods and technologies;
10. to develop a legal and regulatory framework in management activities;
11. to substantiate and present planning and reporting documentation, to assess the organization and conduct of mass sports activities and sporting events.
12. to promote the development of society through a multidisciplinary approach, manifested in the acquisition of knowledge about the social and personal significance of physical and sports activity based on the results of sports and economic research.
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