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Biology and Biotechnology

  • Model of graduating student
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ON1. To be able to interpret known biological and biophysical patterns of life activity of living systems and processes occurring in them, analyze the mechanisms of their formation, realization and development;
ON 2. Master the methods of research and study of various biological processes, phenomena with the help of laboratory experiments, using the methods of mathematical analysis to identify the relationships between biophysical, chemical and physiological processes;
ON 3. Demonstrate the ability to master modern techniques of biophysical research and to participate in the development and testing of modern equipment used to study the systems of the human body;
ON 4. Conduct experimental studies, improve and develop biophysical theories and methods in the field of the studied biological processes and phenomena;
ON 5. Interpret and analyze the theories underlying the explanation of the mechanisms of the phenomena studied in living organisms of different levels of complexity;
ON 6. Independently search for scientific and technical information, analyze and summarize scientific information, and also be able to formulate goals and determine the choice of ways to achieve it in their research;
ON 7. Freely interpret and creatively use scientific, historical and philosophical knowledge to summarize the success factors of the Kazakhstan model of development of society and the organization of its own research;
ON 8. Participate both in experimental research and in the work on the practical use and implementation of their results.
ON 9. To master the methods of independent research, to interpret the results of a scientific publication, and also to submit them for defense in the form of a master's thesis.
ON 10. To build effective cooperation with colleagues to achieve professional goals and be able to create conditions for the disclosure of the creative abilities of the individual;
ON 11. To carry out the preparation of the necessary scientific and technical documentation and reports for the publication of these scientific works in high-ranking international scientific journals;
ON 12. To be able to demonstrate originality and creative thinking in carrying out activities in a particular area and building the trajectory of their professional growth and development throughout their professional career, ensuring their high competitive ability.
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