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Cultural studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Social Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
To critically evaluate interdisciplinary approaches to the study of contemporary problems of culture and scientific theories in priority areas of research of cultural problems (postmodern, comparative, semiotic, etc.) related to the protection of the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples;
2. Critically assess the state of, prospects for the study of traditional culture of indigenous peoples in the context of modern trends and trends in the development of scientific knowledge in the field of cultural research and cultural anthropology;
3. Use the methodology of cultural studies, principles of organization and methods of conducting cultural, semiotic, comparative studies;
4. Formulate problems and tasks of scientific research of communication problems, choose the appropriate methodology, determine the stages of research, evaluate and interpret the results of the research;
5. Use conceptual and methodological approaches in the study of mass communication in the context of various areas of cultural research;
6. To critically evaluate the existing methods of analysis in relation to the study of intercultural communications in the urban environment in the history of mankind;
7. Find new solutions for current cultural phenomena, behavioral models and communications, implement independent and effective application of cultural research methods for their interpretation and analysis;
8. To carry out independent scientific research in the field of postmodern culture;
9. Systematically represent the programs of planning and organizing the study of current problems of culture, the practical implementation of educational activities on cultural disciplines in higher education organizations;
10. To find new methods for creating digital portals for the actualization of cultural studies of contemporary problems of media culture;
11. To generate scientific knowledge of various cultural phenomena in the context of changes in the socio-cultural space in their own scientific research on current areas of cultural research and cultural anthropology;
12. Actively work in a team and creatively approach the solution of a scientific problem.
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