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Geography and Environmental Sciences

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Model of graduating student
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  • Professional
LO1: Develops innovative, new, creative scientific theoretical, methodi-cal, pedagogical, practical solutions in the field of tourism based on a deep understanding and objective analysis of its scientific foundations and practical experience.
LO 2: It performs research and development in the field of tourism on the basis of masterly possession of algorithms and tools research initiative or in scientific and industrial institutions, including in the area of higher education;
LO 3: develop state tourism programs at the country and regional levels; creates tourist strategic, tactical, operational documents, regulations, guide-lines, taking into account the development of capital markets, comprehen-sive analysis and structuring of the problems of modern tourist industry.
LO 4: creates scientific concepts and approaches for the formation and development of the modern tourism industry, interpret quantitative indica-tors of the dynamics of tourism development, including using Big Data, using the results at the planning stages, direct research, summarizing the results and conclusions;
LO 5: Performs independently educational, methodical and other pedagogical developments for the preparation of core specialists and the organization of extracurricular work at a higher educational institution with the development of innovative and original educational technologies and methods.
LO 6: Conducts expert assessment and consulting in the professional tour-ist area for research, teaching and socio-cultural projects, diagnosing prob-lems and developing their targeted solutions for tourist enterprises.
LO 7: It develops and applies quantitative (including mathematical and statistical), qualitative, cartographic (using the latest GIS technologies, re-mote sensing) research methods to solve a wide range of tasks of the pro-fessional tourist area.
LO 8: Interprets the experimental material with the presentation of the results in the form of a scientific monograph, thesis, scientific report, article, abstract, business correspondence with the presentation of innovative ideas and reasoned opinion for professional audiences and non-specialists.
LO 9: Predicts consumer preferences, models pricing and taxation mechanisms, creates technological, informational support, tools to support and develop the tourism business.
LO 10: Organizes and effectively coordinates practical, managerial activities in the field of tourism with highly efficient solution of managerial tasks.
LO 11: Performs quantitative, financial, resource and other calculations based on the original combination, an innovative set of operating methods and tools, or an author's approach for designing popular tourist products, territories, and developing tourism.
LO 12: Student conducts civilized scientific and professional discussions, publishes scientific, educational, popular works of a professional nature in domestic and foreign publications, including in an advanced foreign language.
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