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Land use planning


Geography and Environmental Sciences

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The programs are expected that doctoral students will be able to:
ON1. Assess the suitability of land for agricultural crops, taking into account the production of quality products;
ON2.Develop adaptive-landscape system of agriculture for agricultural enterprises;
ОN3.Formulate and develop technical specifications and use automation tools in planning the use of land and real estate;
ОN4. Develop programs of rational use of land resources to improve the efficiency of land use, to carry out environmental and economic expertise of programs, schemes and projects of socio-economic development of the territory. Develop technologies of formation of information resources of GIS and VMS;
ОN5. Conduct comprehensive mapping of land resources and develop thematic maps for land management;
ОN6. Develop design and working technical documentation on land management, territorial planning, development of unified real estate
ON7. Conduct scientific and practical assessment, forecasting, analysis, monitoring and management of land resources, using legislative and regulatory documents in the field of land management
ON8. Develop concepts to improve the methodology and methodology of land use at the regional level;
ON9. Form highly productive and environmentally sustainable agricultural landscapes and improve farming systems on a landscape basis, to solve priority problems of land use greening;
ON10. Plan, organize, carry out research activities, evaluate and implement its results in production and non-production areas, taking into account the economic efficiency of innovation research;
ON11. Analyze the results of scientific research in the field of land use planning, to apply them in the formulation and solution of specific problems in the field of science and education with the use of modern information technologies.
ON12. Determine the most effective areas of application of their abilities, to find optimal solutions, to interpret information, to realize the limits of their competence.
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