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Geoecology and environmental management


Geography and Environmental Sciences

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1. demonstrate a systematic understanding of scientific information on Geoecology, theoretical knowledge in the field of environmental problems of different scales, the successful development of modern methods of management and optimization of environmental management;
2. use the mechanisms of self-healing components of the natural environment to eliminate the negative consequences of human impacts;
3. interpret the relationship of natural and socio-economic processes in the evaluation of natural and technical systems;
4. analyze and apply the regulatory framework in the field of sustainable subsoil use;
5. choose modern environmental technologies in the implementation of EIA projects for all stages of the life cycle of the enterprise;
6. systematize and summarize information on the assessment of natural and technical systems;
7. evaluate the technologies of liquidation of consequences of emergency floods of oil and oil products from the standpoint of stability of landscapes and their components to contamination by oil and oil products based on the composition of pollutants and environmental conditions;
8. assess the conditions of sustainable subsoil use in the economy of Kazakhstan and the world;
9. build a system of facts about the global pollution of the oceans and justify the formation of global pollution by microplastics;
10. recommend a system of models that most fully reflect the main relationships in the natural and economic systems and allow to assess the dynamics of their development to select the optimal solution for environmental management;
11. generate methods of interpretation of the results of multivariate statistical model of component analysis to identify the system factors of formation of natural and technical systems;
12. determine the direction of further personal and professional development to develop independent solutions and alternatives to ensure full consideration of the geoecological characteristics of the region in the design of economic activities.
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