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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that doctoral students will be able to:
- build a systematic understanding of the methods of study, information support of research in the field of cartography, geoinformatics and mapping technology for integration into the inter-branch scientific space (ON1);
- develop scientific cartographic ideas and projects, regulate their implementation and implementation of research results for solving scientific and industrial needs of science and society (ON1);
- to produce plans for the integrated mapping of the natural resource and social potential of the regions to determine the directions and trends of their economic development (ON1);
- demonstrate knowledge of information sources and understanding of the modern scientific paradigm in the field of cartography and mapping, the dynamics of their development, to determine and build a system of methodological principles and methods of cartographic research (ON1)
- to create a project on the basis of technical specifications in the field of cartography in accordance with the new domestic regulatory and technical documentation for the development of competitive cartographic production (ON2);
- to conduct scientific and technical expertise of new methods of cartographic work and technical documentation for the formation of domestic documentation of cartographic production (ON2);
- to adapt topographic-geodetic and cartographic materials using GIS-technologies for the study of the natural-resource potential of the country, regions and areas for the purposes of environmental management and environmental planning (ON2)
- analyze and systematize the global features of thematic maps design using navigation systems for the development of domestic cartographic science and production (ON3);
- to formulate the principles of designing and compiling a series of thematic maps based on the features of the structure of the mapping areas for regional planning and management (ON3);
- develop analytical approaches to the main world and domestic problems, methodology and technology of modern mapping to improve the performance of national cartography (ON3)
- solve cartographic methods of scientific and applied production problems for the purposes of regional management and the implementation of economic problems (ON4);
- explain the development of domestic cartography in connection with the globalization of scientific research and geographic information systems to enhance the role and importance of national cartographic projects and programs (ON4);
- use the methods and techniques associated with modern mapping of scientific disciplines to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of cartographic research in solving problems of regional and national levels (ON4)
- to structure and compile a common database of information sources on any problems and areas of cartographic modeling in order to enhance the professionalism of highly qualified cartographers (ON5);
- to evaluate the preferential properties of innovative sources of information for the design and production of cartographic models of the dynamics and forecast of geosystems (ON5);
- analyze research cartographic information for use in scientific and industrial processes (ON5)
- develop a monitoring program for environmental monitoring based on topographic, geodetic, cartographic materials, remote sensing and GIS technologies to improve the effectiveness of environmental programs (ON6);
- to integrate holistic knowledge, reflecting the current level of automated systems for collecting and processing remote sensing data to enhance the systems approach in research and production (ON6)
- present the analysis strategy, argue the system of cartographic results and indicators to ensure the competitiveness of cartographic production (ON7);
- demonstrate a systematic understanding in the field of studying and solving the problems of project innovative mapping to enhance the role of remote sensing in modern cartography (ON7);
- implement a comprehensive cartographic monitoring program for environmental monitoring based on topographic-geodetic, cartographic materials, remote sensing and GIS technologies (ON7)
- systematize the knowledge and methods of information technology to solve scientific and applied problems of cartography, including in new areas of social and public spheres (ON8);
- to lead cartographic projects for the development and implementation of programs to address the environmental and economic problems of resource conservation at the local, regional and national levels (ON8);
- develop a comprehensive research program for creating cartographic works in a historically changing socio-cultural context (ON8)
- to study and develop new methods and directions of cartographic research to increase the effectiveness of research and scientific-production profile of professional activity (ON9);
- evaluate the development of domestic cartography in the light of the globalization of scientific research and geographic information systems for the development of productive areas of its development (ON9);
- to create, on the basis of cartographic information, scientific reviews on the problems of the state and development of the theory and methodology of domestic and world cartography for the development of scientific and educational plans for core activities in higher education (ON9)
- to generate new ideas and directions for the introduction and use of modern cartographic research methods in interdisciplinary areas to deepen interdisciplinary relations with various scientific and industrial organizations (ON10);
- find methodological and technological solutions to a scientific problem in new and unfamiliar contexts for integrating cartography into the interdisciplinary field of scientific production (ON10);
- give an objective assessment of the methodical apparatus used spatial visualization, to improve the level of results of scientific and applied research (ON10)
- identify analytical approaches to solving research and production problems to improve the alternativeness and efficiency of cartographic science and production (ON11);
- integrate interdisciplinary knowledge in the research process on the problems of innovative mapping for the implementation of integrated research and production programs and projects for economic development (ON11);
- demonstrate a systematic understanding of the tasks, problems and research methods of the cartographic industries to deepen scientific integration (ON11)
- to create research teams for the planning and implementation of cartographic projects (ON12);
- to lead industry republican production organizations to create cartographic works of any complexity at the level of world standards (ON12);
- carry out an examination of cartographic projects of any level and evaluate the effectiveness of their scientific and practical results (ON12)
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