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Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Upon completion of this program, doctoral students are expected to be able to:
1. Analyze the adequacy of the cadastral value of real estate used in the cadastre;
2. To collect and organize cadastral and valuation data for the purposes of the inventory;
3. To apply the methods of monitoring of lands and environment for the search of optimal solutions in the conduct of the inventory taking into account the economic, social, environmental conditions;
4. Create a database for the collection, systematization, processing and accounting of information on land and real estate with the help of modern GIS technologies;
5. To develop economic and mathematical models for solving optimization problems in the formation of land use;
6. To analyze the categories of the land Fund and to assess the current trends in the state of land resources;
7. Assess the dangers and risks of interaction of environmental components on land use for the rational use of land resources;
8. Predict the occurrence of natural hazards phenomena through land monitoring, remote sensing and GIS data models;
9. Improve the way in which graphical, cadastral and other information is prepared and maintained at the current level in geographic and land information systems (GIS and VMS) for cadastral mapping;
10. Create mathematical models to assess the rational use of pastures of Kazakhstan;
11. Develop strategies and programmes for integrated land management through information technology and interdisciplinary methodologies;
12. To work in a team, to discuss in scientific circles on the research problem, to critically evaluate and analyze the literature in English, to systematize the results of scientific research for publication in scientific journals included in the global citation index Scopus and Web of Science.
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