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Customs affairs



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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that doctoral students will be able to:
1. Organize scientific research and conduct a scientific analysis of the problems of implementation of international standards, legislation in the field of customs regulation. Investigate the problems of ensuring the national interests of Kazakhstan in the context of integration, develop regulatory documents in the field of customs, resolve legal situations related to national and international customs and related legislation.
2. To form the state customs policy and measures for its implementation, to manage the structural units of the state revenue bodies, to organize interaction with the persons carrying out activities in the field of customs and participants of foreign economic activity.
3. Analyze the effectiveness of customs administration and the use of risk management system, analyze the effectiveness of state control measures, coercion, incentives, etc. in the customs field, justify the need for changes in procedures or the introduction of new customs administration measures, initiate the development of relevant regulations.
4. Solve criminal law and criminological situations, develop and substantiate proposals and recommendations for improving crime prevention measures, plan and ensure analysis of the problems of preventing customs offenses, as well as bringing to administrative responsibility, conduct scientific research in the field of legal liability for customs violations.
5. Form a commodity nomenclature, describe goods and determine product codes for HS, analyze and interpret the methodology of the country of origin of goods, ensure the calculation of customs duties and duties, monitor and analyze the results of customs administration and relevant legislation, develop recommendations for improving state and international standards and other norms in this area.
6. To analyze the international competitiveness of countries, to predict the economic development of Kazakhstan, to formulate policies to protect the national interests of Kazakhstan in foreign trade, monetary, credit and financial activities, to formulate and justify their recommendations to draft regulations and draft policy documents.
7. Predict the impact on the development of the national economy of Kazakhstan processes occurring in the sphere of international trade, uphold the national economic interests of Kazakhstan, predict the costs and benefits of participation of Kazakhstan and its economic entities in international economic and trade organizations, defend the interests of Kazakhstan in the EAEU, investigate the problems of customs formation and trade policy in the context of the NEAEC and the WTO and the mechanisms for its implementation, to represent the interests of entities in international courts, estvlyat research in the sphere of foreign economic activity;
8. Analyze the effectiveness of the customs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, develop and substantiate recommendations for improving their activities, evaluate the system of interaction between the customs services of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the EAEU member countries, ensure the implementation of personnel policies in customs bodies, plan and conduct scientific research in the field of customs organization and activities. bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
9. Ensure the operation of information systems and the application of information technologies in the structural units of the customs authorities, analyze the effectiveness of their use, provide legal support for improving the work of information and analytical systems and technologies, ensure the effective use of Internet technologies and the ability to exchange information between customs authorities of different countries in accordance with international agreements, to ensure compliance with the information legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
10. To collect, process, analyze, systematize and summarize information in the field of customs, prepare references and analytical reviews on professional activities, conduct documentation in the field of customs, plan and conduct research on issues of customs documentation and circulation of documents.
11. Interpret and analyze the regulatory framework of the customs authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the EAEU bodies and the World Customs Organization, organize and ensure their interaction and cooperation, negotiate customs regulation activities, ensure compliance with and implementation of international treaties and agreements.
12. Predict and analyze the quality of customs services provided, develop recommendations for improving the efficiency of the customs services market in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the EAEU, explore the theoretical and methodological aspects of assessing the quality of customs services, provide and apply a motivational mechanism to ensure the quality of work, the psychological climate in the organization and its structural divisions , plan and conduct research in the field of legal and organizational and economic improvement of the provision of customs services.
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