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Religious studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of philosophy (PhD)
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
1. systematize and interpret scientific theories and concepts of the newest directions of research in the field of religious studies, the foundations of the modern methodology of research of humanitarian knowledge and features of religious and anthropological problems, the specifics of processes and phenomena in the socio-cultural situation of the modern world within the framework of modern scientific paradigms in the field of professional activity;
2. conduct a critical analysis and assessment of modern scientific achievements, generating new ideas in solving research and practical problems, including in interdisciplinary areas;
3. organize and manage activities in the departments of communication with religious associations in state organizations, to strengthen the common civic identity of Kazakhstan society, to preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity of the peoples of Kazakhstan;
4. to carry out activities aimed at ensuring interethnic, interfaith harmony, harmony of inter-ethnic relations, prevention of conflicts on ethnic and religious grounds;
5. to participate in the work of Kazakhstan and international research teams to solve scientific and educational problems in the field of religious studies;
6. develop educational materials for conducting classes and extracurricular work on religious studies in higher education organizations using educational technologies and teaching methods based on their critical thinking;
7. to critically and rationally conduct qualified conclusions of religious studies, on topical issues in the field of religion, taking into account the experience of international and foreign studies, examination of religious studies, make predictions and issue recommendations and conclusions;
8. to carry out independent scientific research on the basis of material that is adequate to the object of study, the choice of methodology with a projection on the development of promising current topics and problems in the field of religious knowledge, their research development on the basis of modern theoretical and methodological approaches and information technologies;
9. use modern methods and technologies of scientific communication in the state and foreign languages;
10. critically evaluate the existing conceptual approaches in the field of organizing the processes of interaction between religious organizations of traditional religions and modern religious movements and cults of modern Kazakhstan society, on the basis of comparative studies, conduct an independent analysis of religious problems, systematize the data and develop a new solution and interpretation of a scientific problem;
11. analyze and evaluate the methodological principles and theoretical narratives of conceptual approaches to tolerance education, the world's leading scientific schools, synthesize new ideas and interpret the results in the form of a scientific report.
12. use professional knowledge in conducting consultations on various issues of religion and activities of religious associations.
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  Data for 2018-2021 years
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