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Cultural studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
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Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the study of theoretical and methodological approaches in cultural and cultural and anthropological research in the context of contemporary global changes occurring in modern culture and cultural life of the country, mastering the categorical apparatus, research and scientific methods in the field of world trends occurring in various fields culture;
2. To critically analyze theoretical ideas, principles, understand and summarize, interpret scientific results and put forward hypotheses in the field of cultural studies and cultural anthropology, formulate in scientific form the author's approaches to study the modern aspects of various spheres of culture and cultural life of ethnic groups in the format of regional and global plan;
4. Demonstrate a critical and rational understanding of the problems of gender, race, racial and ethnic, gender, identity, diversity of manifestations of cultural deviations, on the basis of a theoretical analysis of cultural risks, be able to synthesize possible ways and models of their resolution;
5. Critically evaluate, systematize, interpret various cultural trends, changes, transformations based on knowledge of the ideas and principles of critical cultural theory and cultural and anthropological research, on racial and ethnic conflicts, ethnic and racial inequality, predict possible challenges of modern civilization, recognize manifestations of dominant domination postcolonialism and various forms of discrimination;
6. To generate new ideas and complex goals, to propose new hypotheses and solutions of scientific problems in the field of cultural research and cultural anthropology based on an independent original approach;
7. Apply knowledge of digital technology in the field of research of problems and sociocultural tasks of cultural science and cultural anthropology, demonstrate the proper level of computer and trilingual literacy;
8. Apply concepts and theoretical principles of leading scientific directions and research programs in the field of cultural anthropology and cultural research in the format of independent scientific research, on the basis of which to develop recommendations for the modernization of public consciousness, value orientations, adjust models of cultural behavior in companies and corporations, as well as styles and methods of management;
9. To critically evaluate the results of scientific research, modern theories, problems and approaches, new trends in the study of problems of cultural anthropology and cultural research;
10. Synthesize and interpret scientific theories and concepts of the newest directions of cultural anthropology and cultural studies with the aim of further applying this knowledge when choosing initial theoretical positions for creative solution of the scientific problem posed,
11. Conduct an independent scientific research, develop a sound scientific project, adapt the knowledge gained on the methodology of cultural and cultural-anthropological research in relation to new social and cultural tasks, present the obtained results in the form of a completed scientific work;
12. To conduct a scientific dialogue on the subject of cultural research, cultural anthropology based on the assimilation of professional competencies, competently competently possess a scientific categorical apparatus for conducting creative discussions with colleagues, with the wide scientific community from the standpoint of the principles of scientific tolerance, solidarity, humanity, observing the principles of scientific and business ethics, teamwork.
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