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Conflict Studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional analyze, using modern theoretical approaches, the patterns of conflict and peaceful interaction in various spheres of society’s activities;
2. to conduct an independent research on the problems of conflict and peaceful interaction in society, determine the factors and patterns;
3. to possess the modern research methods and techniques, carry out critical analysis and suggest new hypotheses in research on Conflict Studies;
4. critically evaluate the activities of state and non-state organizations, civil society in the process of the emergence, escalation and resolution of conflicts;
5. to develop the technologies for resolving corporate and organizational conflicts, to minimize the conflict potential of tactical and strategic decisions in management;
6. to analyze and critically evaluate the strategic and tactical recommendations of conflict resolution in social and political activities;
7. to participate in the creation and implementation of programs to reduce conflict and maintain peace in the practice of individuals, social institutions and associations via using methods, techniques of non-conflict (tolerant) interaction;
8. to apply the methodology of interdisciplinary analysis of conflict and peace, use the categorical apparatus of the humanities and social sciences, taking into account the subject field of Conflict Studies, the multifactorial conditionality of conflict and peace;
9. to create the databases (Big Data) for decision-making in the field of conflict prevention, resolution and analysis of socio-political conflicts;
10. to make scientific contributions by own original research which are relevant of publication at the national or international level;
11. to carry out communicative activities in the scientific field in accordance with international standards of scientific practice;
12. to carry out educational activities in higher education, teach the Conflict Studies disciplines in order to form a system of knowledge about conflicts and peace, alternative techniques for preventing, resolving and managing conflicts and maintaining peace.
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