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Space Engineering and Technologies


Mechanics and Mathematics

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
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1. ON1 analyze the scientific data obtained on the basis of the conducted experiments, observations, remote sensing to identify and interpret patterns and trends in data sets using modern computer technologies;
2. ON2 design communication systems for spacecraft with various missions, applying system knowledge of digital radio communication and broadcasting technologies;
3. ON3 develop space missions and stages of designing space systems, taking into account the components used, expected risks, and possible failures, applying project management techniques and modern software products;
4. ON4 improve the developed automated ground-based control complexes to optimize the exchange of information between the ground-based complex and the spacecraft;
5. ON5 develop algorithms for the synthesis of nonlinear controls of space systems based on modern control methods;
6. ON6 synthesize the necessary algorithms and software for designing global positioning systems;
7. ON7 calculate and determine the main parameters of the spacecraft flight control systems based on classical and modern techniques and methods for their practical implementation;
8. ON8 systematize and interpret the results of remote sensing data processing using the ENVI software and integrate them with GIS data;
9. ON9 design modern systems of orientation of the spacecraft, develop various modes of the spacecraft stabilization system, solve issues of improving the accuracy and dynamics of orientation systems and stabilization of spacecraft;
10. ON10 evaluate the methodological approaches in the field of space technology, to carry out their critical analysis and creative synthesis, propose new hypotheses and research methods;
11. ON11 develop educational materials for conducting classes and extracurricular work in the disciplines of undergraduate and graduate studies in higher education organizations using modern educational technologies and teaching methods;
12. ON12 be ready for correct and tolerant interaction in society, for social interaction and cooperation for solving problems of science.
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