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Islamic studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • First Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor Humanities
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. classify from a scientific point of view the basic concepts related to the main areas of Islamic research;
2. Read the Koran Karim in accordance with the rules of the Tajwid and describe the main criteria for tafsir ayat, freely interpret scientific and religious knowledge of Koranistik;
3. To determine the truth of the hadith of the Prophet Mohammed, to use them as sources in religious matters, to give a scientific explanation to them (sharh);
4. Analyze and describe the basic values in religion, having mastered the texts of the classical rules in Islamic theology;
5. Analyze the positions of existing and emerging religious trends, identify socio-ethical values and socio-ethical values based on tolerance to various religious and confessional traditions;
6. Develop and disseminate appropriate responses to the ideology of illegal political and religious movements arising in the society in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
7. Explain the main themes of the Islamic Shari'a in explaining contemporary religious issues using the methods of the Fikh madhhab;
8. Apply obtained theoretical knowledge to analyze sacred texts, study them, and explain religious civilization;
9. Use the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the effective implementation of professional qualifications;
10. Effectively implement the results of teaching Islamic ethics, morality and dedication in solving social problems, combating non-traditional movements;
11. use theoretical knowledge in the field of Islamic studies, and be able to apply the methods of Islamic studies in practice;
12. Approve the results of the theoretical course in professional (production) practice on the basis of an agreement with the bases of practice in accordance with the profile.
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