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Philosophy and Political Science

  • First Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor Humanities
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON1. it is free to interpret and to creatively use in professional activity basic knowledge in the field of logic, ontology and the theory of knowledge, social philosophy, history of foreign and domestic philosophy, ethics, an esthetics and philosophical anthropology
ON2. to characterize welfare processes and the phenomena as pictures of the scientific and ordinary world from a position of methodology of modern philosophy.
ON3. to define a subject of philosophy and its role in the history of human culture in correlation to other forms of spiritual life (religion, science, art, etc.)
ON4. to estimate the phenomena and processes of social and spiritual life of modern society on the basis of philosophical understanding of regularities of functioning and development of the nature and society;
ON5. to interpret welfare and historic facts philosophy meta language
ON6. to analyze current problems of development of modern society and to represent results in a format of scientific articles and secondary scientific genres (reviews, summaries, bibliographic indexes, etc.)
ON7. to formulate production tasks and to work with large volumes of text information, to carry out information search through library stocks, the computer systems of information support, periodicals
ON8. to build cross-cultural dialogue on the basis of knowledge and understanding of problems of the person in the modern world, values of world and Kazakhstan culture
ON9. to carry out planning and the organization of the professional activity within strategy, policy and the organizations are more whole
ON10. to make management decisions on the basis of the principles of the system social analysis with high degree of autonomy
ON11. to prove the system of scientific results on the basis of the principles of logical thinking, the theory and practice of the argument and to present them to scientific community and the general public, to lag behind them in scientific discussions
ON12. to carry out research activity in the field of philosophy on the basis of possession of methods and receptions of the logical analysis, ability to work with scientific texts and semantic designs which are contained in them, to apply basic bases of scientific and methodical and educational and methodical work in professional activity.
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