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Religious studies


Philosophy and Political Science

  • First Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor Humanities
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. to formulate problems of theoretical significance in the field of religious studies, to analyze and systematize knowledge about religion and religious theories;
2. to freely interpret and creatively use scientific, historical and religious studies knowledge to summarize the success factors of the Kazakhstan development model on the way to the established state - the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3. use modern linguistic methods and techniques in scientific research to solve the problems of communication in the multilingual and multicultural society of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the international arena of religious issues;
4. substantiate social and ethical values based on social and legal norms and tolerance to various religious and confessional traditions;
5. to compare theoretical religious knowledge, methods of religious studies in practice;
6. generalize the information of the logical analysis of reasoning and professional argumentation in the field of religious studies, set goals and choose ways to achieve it;
7. interact with colleagues, work in a team, tolerantly perceiving social, ethnic, confessional and cultural differences;
8. solve standard tasks of professional activity based on information and bibliographic culture using information and communication technologies and taking into account the basic requirements of information security;
9. to carry out research activities in the composition of scientific groups whose work affects theological problems;
10. develop algorithms for scientific research to justify the choice of research methods in the field of study of religion;
11. to generate and build in a clear form the content and specific features of the religious complex from the position corresponding to the profile of the training of religious scholars;
12. to predict the future based on the knowledge gained as a result of training
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