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Philosophy and Political Science

  • First Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor Social knowledge
  • Second Stage of Higher Education - Bachelor Social knowledge
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
1. classify and characterize the fundamental laws of the psyche, its development, mental processes, states, properties
2. analyze and evaluate information about the psychological characteristics and patterns of development and functioning of the individual in the study of psychological phenomena
3. demonstrate the ability to generalize and synthesize the specifics of a person’s mental functioning taking into account age, gender, social, political, and ethnic characteristics
4. classify and characterize the types, signs, dynamics of the development of the psyche with mental disorders
5. use and apply psychodiagnostic methods and techniques that meet the objectives of the situation, with subsequent skills of quantitative and qualitative data processing, the ability to interpret them, write a psychological conclusion
6. demonstrate the ability to conduct standard applied psychological research based on the application of general professional knowledge and skills in the field of psychology
7. differentiate and use psychological methods and techniques in the implementation of standard correctional, training, rehabilitation programs to optimize human mental activity
8. analyze and apply standard basic procedures for the provision of psychological assistance (counseling, psycho-correction) to an individual, group, organization using traditional methods and techniques
9. carry out the assessment and synthesis of information when conducting various types of assessments of the psychological state of a person (within the framework of pedagogical, social, organizational, professional, forensic and other examinations)
10. carry out psychological work with groups of people, staff of organizations, analyze the forms of interaction in a team and company
11. use the fundamental and sectoral knowledge of psychology in the teaching of psychology as a general education in secondary schools
12. correctly express and reasonably solve the arising professional problems in accordance with the code of professional ethics of the psychologist
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