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Social Work


Philosophy and Political Science

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Bachelor of Social Security
  • Model of graduating student
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  • Professional
1. distinguish and explain the basic concepts, ideas, theories, objects, subjects, functions and mechanisms of implementation of social impact on the client in various areas of social work;
2. interpret and creatively use in professional activities the basic concepts, ideas of social work in working with people in difficult situations
3. classify the methods and technologies that make up the basic basis of social work with clients, to identify the features of their application in various professional situations
4. evaluate the features of a particular case when working with a client, the data obtained in the course of research of the problem, taking into account the sociological, psychological, economic, legal components
5. carry out mediation, socio-preventive, consulting and socio-psychological activities on the problems of socialization, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons in difficult situations;
6.identify and provide social protection measures, including social security, social assistance and social services to improve the living conditions of the citizen;
7. expand the client's ability to provide for their basic life needs by mobilizing their own strength, physical, mental and social resources;
8. assess and control the quality of social services, social security and social assistance measures based on the achievements of modern qualimetry and standardization
9.develop programs of social interaction with the client through the possibility of social advertising and other means of influence on the client;
10.participate in social projects using methods of forecasting, design and modeling of processes and phenomena in the field of social work, expert evaluation of social projects
11.analyze and maintain the necessary documentation and organization of document flow in the units of organizations that implement social protection measures;
12.present the results of their research and professional activities in the form of reports, articles
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