Chair history

The one of the best education centers for preparing linguists in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia is the Department of General Linguistics and Foreign Philology of al-Farabi National University.




Chair of General linguistics was established in September 1st, 1950.

What are the scientific traditions of the chair?

Scientific traditions and main tendencies of pedagogical activities of teachers’ staff were formed by the influence of outstanding scientists who had worked at different periods of time. .

An academician of Academy of Sciences of USSR, I.I. Meshaninov had worked in this department during the World War II.

Works written by I.I. Meshaninov at al-Farabi Kazakh National University:

  • · approved his own course “General Linguistics” at the University;
  • · had completed the fundamental work “Grammatical categories in languages
    of different systems”;
  • · continued working on the book “Parts of Sentences and parts of speech”

Scientific ideas of I.I. Meshaninov which have been developing by the department of General Linguistics at present.

The idea of the presence of general laws in languages which could be recognized by the use of typological and synchronous comparisons.



Corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of USSR, doctor of philological sciences, S.E. Malov. 


What kind of courses did S.E. Malov lecture? 


S.E. Malov was the first in the history of our university who gave the courses of “Oldturkic writing” and “Comparative grammar of Turkic languages”, “General Linguistics”.



Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan Professor K.A. Akhanov - the author of the first textbooks in Kazakh linguistics "Tіl bіlіmіne kіrіspe" and "Tіl biliminin negizderi", who headed the department from 1961 to 1977, laid the foundations for teaching general linguistics at the Kazakh branches of philological faculties and played a prominent role in training highly qualified specialists in theory of linguistics and the Kazakh language.  
   Professor V.M. Nikitevich, who headed the department in the period from 1977 to 1979 and was known for his work on the general theory of language nomination and derivational derivatology, made a significant contribution to the development of the scientific potential of the department and faculty.
 From 1979 to 1995, the Department of General Linguistics was headed by Professor A.Sc., Academician of the Humanitarian Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Amanzholov, well-known in the republic, CIS countries and abroad, is a specialist in the field of comparative grammar of Turkic languages ​​and the history of ancient Turkic writing.


Professor A.S. Amanzholov (1934-2012) - an outstanding paleographer, language historian, Turkologist and specialist in graphic linguistics, was awarded the Veteran of Labor medal (1988), the Ormet Order (1999), the International Prize of the Economic Cooperation Organization (Tehran, 2000).

AS Amanzholov is an honorary member of the Kazakh Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (1990); full member of the Academy of Humanities of Kazakhstan (1995).

In 1997-1999, Professor A.S. Amanzholov organized and headed the Center of ancient Turkic written monuments at the KazNU. Al-Farabi. Since 2001, Professor AS Amanzholov - Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 14A.01.22
   From 1995 to 2009 the department was headed by Doctor of Philology, Academician of the Moscow School of Economics, Professor E.D. Suleimenov.

Professor E.D. Suleimenova is a member of the Presidium of MAPRYAL (Bratislava, 1999), a member of the Public Council on Languages ​​and Culture of the CIS Basic Organization (Moscow, 2000), member of the INTAS Scientific Council (Brussels, 2003), INTAS expert (Brussels, 1996-1999), member of the International Editorial Board of the magazine "Russian Language Abroad" (Moscow, 1999), "Russian Language Journal" (Washington, 2000); Member of the International Editorial Board of the journal Vestnik MAPRYAL (Moscow, 1999), President of KazPRYAL (Almaty, 1998). In the years 1993-1994. E.D. Suleimenova is a professor at the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Maryland (USA).

From 1997 to 2010 E.D. Suleimenova - Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 14 A.01.31 (1997-2001), then D 14A.01.22 on defending doctoral dissertations in specialties 10.02.01 Russian language, 10.02.19 language theory, 10.02.20 comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics at KazNU named after al-Farabi.

E.D. Suleimenova published over 160 scientific works: the monograph "The Notion of Meaning in Modern Linguistics" (1986), "The Kazakh and Russian Languages: the Basics of Contrastive Linguistics" (1996), "Actual Problems of Kazakh Linguistics: 1991-2001" (2001); "Dictionary on Linguistics: Tіl bіlіmі sіzdіgі" (1998, one of the authors and the editor), "Әleumetik linguistics termederіnің sөzdіgі., Dictionary of sociolinguistic terms" (2002; co-authored); Eleven textbooks on the Kazakh language: the training complex "Kazakh language, Kazakh language", consisting of five books, a video cassette and two audio cassettes (1996; 2007); and many others.

E.D. Suleimenova prepared 15 doctors, 34 candidates of philology, and 4 PhD doctors (including US citizen U. Rivers, 2003).

 From 2009 to the present time the chair is headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Madiyeva Gulmira Bayanzhanovna.

Professor G.B. Madieva defended her Ph.D. thesis "Hydronymy of Eastern Kazakhstan" under the guidance of Professor A.A. Amanzholov in 1990; Since 1996 he has been working at the Department of General Linguistics; in 1997-2000 - the chairman of the trade union bureau of the faculty; in 2000-2002 - the scientific secretary of the dissertation council D14A.01.22; member of the editorial board of the journal "Arrow" (2000-2002); Secretary of the public association "KAZPRYAL", responsible editor of the "Bulletin KAZPRYAL." In 2005, Professor G. Madieva defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic "Onomastic space of Kazakhstan: structure, semantics, precedence, lemmatization."

The sphere of scientific interests includes problems of theoretical and applied onomastics, bilingual lexicography and general linguistics. G.B. Madiyeva published over 100 scientific works, including textbooks and monographs "Theory and practice of onomastics" (Almaty, 2003, 2016); "Theoretical Foundations of Onomastics" (2010), "A proper name in the context of cognition" (2005, 2011).

 G.B. Madieva is one of the developers of the international project "The Lexicographical Description of Loanwords in Kazakh" INTAS-96-0073, one of the authors of the Dictionary of Linguistics. (Almaty: White, 1998, volume 49.5 pp) and co-author of the teaching and methodical complex for the 7th grade of the general education school, which includes the textbook "Russian language", "Methodological guide" and "Collection of dictations and statements" (Almaty, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2008).

G.B. Madieva is the head of the completed project "Almaty Corps of the Kazakh Language", which was developed by the teachers of the department together with the teachers of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia).

 Professor GB Madiyeva prepared: 1 doctor of philological sciences, 8 candidates of philology, 3 doctors PhD.

On Febuary 9, 2018  in room  306  the round - table discussion  on the topic: "Preparation for the TestDaF" took place.  G.M. Akimbayeva, the representative of Goethe Institute participated in this discussion. The students of 2-3 courses of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" who study German as a second foreign language also took part in this discussion. During the round  - table  discussion Gulnar Mautovna described the rules of passing this international exam in German. The students asked questions and knew a lot of useful information.

the 35th anniversary   Prof. Madiyeva's scientific and pedagogical activity

The employees of the Department of General Linguistics and European Languages ​​and the Faculty of Philology and World Languages, sincerely congratulated the head of the department, doctor of philology, professor Madiyeva Gulmira Bayanzhanovna on the 35th anniversary of scientific and pedagogical activity.

Within the framework of the project "Spiritual Revival", the Scientific and Educational Club: "Zheryek" (organizers: prof. Madiyeva G. B. and Medetbekova P.T., the candidate of philology) and the Department of Language development of Almaty organized    the Republican Forum: "For the love to the world" . This forum was attended by the  students of the Facluty of Philology and World Languages of al-Farabi Kazakh National University and  the pupils  from Taraz and Almaty oblast. The best works were awarded the  diplomas by the onomastic branch of Department of  language  development  ​​of Almaty. Besides it, the winners  received the special prizes from   the organizers of the club: Zheryiek.  The event was organized by Madiyeva G.B., Medetbekova P.T., Boribayeva G.A.,  the teachers of the Department of General Linguistics and European Languages.

On January 17, 2018 there was a meeting with the first year students devoted to the topic:  I am proud of my profession. The meeting was held within the program: Spiritual Revival. At the meeting the students discussed the necessity and benefits of pedagogical experience. The event was organized by Medetbekova T.T., Boribayeva G.A., Rakimbayeva A., Utepova B.




 At the Department of General Linguistics in different years worked V.V. Chernova, N.N. Koka, A.K. Kerimov, F.Sh.Orazbayeva, G.N. Nikolaeva, M.P. Kukushkina, E.N. Ivanov, E.C. Cheryazdanova, S.M. Sagalovich, R.A. Jarmukhamedov, N.Zh.Shaimerdenov, R.A. Avakova, Zh.S. Smagulova, E.N.Orazalieva, E.B. Saurikov, A.Sh. Aimagambetova, M.I. Akberdi, S.S. Sagatov, M.S. Dosanov, Т.Е. Pshenina, N. Karmenov, L. Karavaeva, T. Djarasova, S. Suatay and others.


The department also worked specialists in the field of Arabic language and literature - prof. A.B. Derbisaliev, Assoc. M.N. Mazhenova, G.R. Ramazanova, G.E. Nadirova, F.H. Mameco, TN. Zhemkova, DNNurtazinova, Zh.S. Seytmetov and others, which formed the nucleus of the Department of Arabic Philology, founded in 1984, and then the Faculty of Oriental Studies.


The staff of the department was replenished in connection with the creation in 2000-2001 of the academic year of the educational and research laboratory "Kazakh language: psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic research", under the guidance of Professor E.D. Suleimenova, in which a freelance scientific consultant worked prof. G. Thomsen (University of Alberta, Canada). Educational and research laboratory "Kazakh language: socio- and psycholinguistic research", in which computer programs on synthesis and speech generation, ontogeny of language (studying children's speech and children's bilingualism), computer processing of sociolinguistic data, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic studies, students, undergraduates and graduate students.

In accordance with the order No. 227 of June 27, 2011, the Department of Foreign Philology (head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Taeva RM) is united with the Department of General Linguistics. The newly created department functioned under the name "Department of Foreign Philology and General Linguistics"; Since 2015 the department has been producing for two specialties "Linguistics" (magistracy, doctoral studies) and "Foreign language: two foreign languages" (bachelor's degree). Teachers of the department also conduct classes in various specialties of KazNU. al-Farabi, for example, in the Latin language, the theory and practice of onomastics, and others.

Chair of Foreign Philology was founded in 2002.


At present, the Department of General Linguistics is a well-coordinated team of highly skilled like-minded people who represent various branches of general and private linguistics: Doctor of Philology Professor G.B. Madieva, LM Shaykenova, Zh.K. Ibraeva, Candidates of Philology, associate professors Z.A. Mukanova, S.B. Bektemirova, A. Tausogarova, Zh.M. Umatova, M.K. Mambetova, P.T. Medetbekova, A.A. Moldasanova, A.B. Smailova, J.Zh. Kuzembekova, A.M. Dosanova, DM, Koishigulova; senior lecturers А.А. Kamzin, R.M. Bekisheva, Zh.U. Mukasheva, T.O. Konyrbekova, G.A. Boribayeva and others.

On the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" conducts a well-coordinated team of professional professionals in the field of Romano-Germanic, Germanic philology, specialists with knowledge of Chinese, Turkish and other languages.
As invited foreign experts work AA. Akbarov, Snodgrass Nathan Joel Kew (USA), Mac Furson Edward Oliver (USA), Linda Mac Fearson (USA).

Particular attention should be paid to the desire of the department to ensure the continuity of generations of linguists, to preserve the traditional fundamental directions of research and to promote the flourishing of their own scientific schools. This is especially noticeable in the qualitative influx of new employees of the department and the professional growth of our scientific cadres.