Sport life

Sport Life

Movement is health, and sport is an integral part of students’ and chair staff's life of al-Farabi Kazakh National University

At our university all conditions to maintain a healthy lifestyle are made. There are organized sport clubs of volleyball, basketball, chess, tennis, football, athletics, weightlifting, etc. There are a sports complex, soccer field, gym and other places to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These places are important for the efficient allocation of time of students.

In addition, the department has its own guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Professor of the Department, Doctor of philologycal sciences Madyeva G.B. and teachers Mambetova M.K., Iskakova G.N. are engaged in gymnastics in a sports complex of the university,

In addition, our students are actively involved in the sport life of the university.

Teachers of the Department​​are also actively involved in the sport life of the university:

Volleyball – Iskakova G.N.

Utemgalieva N.

Merkibaev Т,

Shakenova V

Chess - Kenzhekanova K.К.

Ospankulova Sh.A

Тоgyzkumalak – Zhumashova Zh.А