Department plan

Plan of international relations of the Department of Archeology, Ethnology and Museology

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The research directions of the department should be performed with regard to the works of the Scientific Research Institute “Archeology and Steppe Civilizations” and the international laboratory “Geoarcheology”

All year round

Head Department G.K. Omarov, Professor V.F. Seibert, Associate Professor G.T. Bekseitov teaching staff


To improve with foreign scientific institutions of research and innovation activities and the creation of international scientific projects, to conclude a contract with foreign countries for internships of teaching staff

All year round

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Академиялық алмасу бағдарламасы бойынша 2018-2019 оқу жылында Ка Фоскари университетіне 6М041900 мамандығынан 2-курс магистрантын жіберу

All year round

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Online conference with the state historical-cultural museum-reserve "Esik" on the platform G-globall

December 5, 2018

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Organize archaeological and ethnographic expeditions with the participation of foreign professors, students and undergraduates

In the summer

Project managers, teaching staff


Involvement of students in joint research projects with institutions for the protection of historical and cultural monuments of regions within the framework of the production agreement

All year round

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Organize scientific work with professors for doctoral students and undergraduates of the department

1 time in 2 month

Kartaeva, professors of the department, doctoral students and undergraduates


Regulate the direction of work of student clubs in the department, organize round tables, scientific seminars, meetings once a month


from October 2018

Deputy Head on scientific and innovative work and international contacts A.Sh. Ermekbaeva


Analysis of the report of the summer "Archaeological School 2018", reward students, issue certificates


Head Department G.K. Omarov


Round table organized by the international research laboratory "Geoarcheology"

December 2018



The head of the international research laboratory "Geoarcheology" G.T. Bekseitov


Listening to reports on state-funded research projects in the departmen


Project Managers



Reports on the indicative plan for the work done by the faculty

January 2019

teaching staff


The online conference "All Sacred Sites in Kazakhstan", organized by the Korkyt-Ata Kyzylorda State University with the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, on spiritual renewal within the framework of the G-globall platform

February 2019

Associate Professor G.A. Meyrmanova


"CM. Akynzhanovskie readings - 2019 " Republican scientific-practical conference

February 2019

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Organize the X Republican subject Olympiad on "Archeology and Ethnology"

March-April 2019

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Hold a traditional international scientific and methodological conference in memory of A.M. Orazbayev

April 2019

Head Department G.K. Omarov        


To hold an international conference in the framework of the traditional "Farabian readings"

April 2019

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Scientifically-practical conference "Honorable Kazakh historians" dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Uhit Hamza Shalekenov

May 2019

Head Department G.K. Omarov


Participation of faculty members in international symposia, forums, conferences

for every semester 2 times

teaching staff


Inviting foreign professors to lecture and strengthen international relations for doctoral students and undergraduates

Every semester by 1 professor

Head Department G.K. Omarovteaching staff


Publication of the work of department scientists in foreign publications (factor, etc.) (1 article based on Thomson Reuter men Scopus * 3 articles in journals of the Scientific Committee)

according to the schedule

teaching staff