Information for Students on Scientific Research

Teachers of the department much emphasis on the research work of students. On faculty student scientific circles: "Euraziya orkenietі", "Muratanu», «English club», which are maintained as in Kazakh in Russian.

Club “Euraziya orkenietі”

Head of the club - Professor Zhumagulov K.T. and docent Bedelova G.

The club has 25 students.

Objectives of the club:

  • To create the conditions for employment in research work for students.
  • After school hours to organize educational activities.
  • To analyze the geography and history of the formation of the Eurasian civilization in human history.
  • To learn and explore the ancient Eurasian civilization.
  • To help students who participate in scientific conferences, contests and competitions.
  • To contributing to provide students the theory of history.
  • To help students in this outstanding achievement.

Club Muratanu

Head of the club - docent Sabdenova G.E.

In the circle are 42 students.

Objectives of the club:

  • To teach students to methods of historiography and source research.
  • To explain the features of working with archival documents/
  • To Introduce with the news archives and libraries.
  • To familiarize with the specifics of the student research and work with the scientific literature.
  • To promote the publication of scientific papers and testing students.

«English club»

Englishclub "Thewings" was organized by PhD, Professor J.M. Asylbekova at the Faculty of History, Archeology and Ethnology in 2010. She graduated with honors from a special department of the Faculty of History (History in English) Al-Farabi KazNU. She has been teaching English, social and humanitarian disciplines in English for 20 years. In July and August 2012, she was an internship in HomertonCollege, city Cambridge, UK, has certified by «MasteryinCLIL».

In 2012 the current President was Berlibaeva Myra.

Purpose of the club:

  1. An introduction to the students of the English language.
  2. Support for research students in English.
  3. Skills of spoken English and writing scientific reports..

Head of the club Asylbekova J. M. from 2010 – 2012 always organizes a round table in the English language as part of the annual student conference "Science World Youth", the program of the conference are the participants of this conference - the members of English club permanently awarded certificates and prizes.