Scientific Projects and Researches

In a pilot program to train doctoral students of philosophy (PhD) in the history for the chair were invited prominent scientists professors from Germany: Dean of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the University of Tubingen professor M. Meyer - in November 2007 and a professor of the University of Bremen T. Schmitt - February 2008. They had a series of lectures and held interesting meetings with master’s and doctors of historical faculty. Professor M. Meyer took part in the annual International Bekmahanov readings and made a plenary report. Professor T. Schmitt gave a presentation at the international scientific conference organized by the former chair of World History to mark the 60th anniversary of the Chair’s Head Professor Zhumagulov K.T. In the current 2010-2011 academic year were invited prominent scientists Professor University of Tübingen and K. M.Mayer and Gestva who took part not only in the lectures doctoral PhD, but also in several other events of historical faculty and the university as a whole: the International Conference the faculty, national seminar on the 'concept of academic mobility of students of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. "They had the series of lectures and held interesting meetings with faculty, undergraduates and doctoral students of historical faculty. German professors will participate in research projects of the department and joint scientific research.

Professors of Tubingen University Mayer M and Gestva K. in the meeting with the teachers, students, Masters and PhDs of faculty of history, archeology and ethnology.

In 2008, the Department of History of the World held an international scientific conference "Kazakh-German relations in the international integration and modernization", dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Head. Chair Professor Zhumagulov K.T. Submitted a report to the conference of more than 100 participants, including reports from other countries, it is well-known scientists Meyer, M. (University of Tübingen) «Neuere Forschungen zum Ostromischen Reich und zur Spaetanike», A. Koch (Director of the Historical Museum, the Palatinate) «Europa und Hunnenzeit "from Germany, prof. Umberto Roberto from Italy (University La Sapienza) «I Goti nella Historia Chronike di Giovanni di Antiochia». Participants from neighboring countries - it is a known medievalist professor. Svanidze A.A. "Rural crafts in German lands by the end of the Middle Ages" (RAS) and a number of speakers from Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz National University. Balasagyn), headed by prof. Omurbekov T.N. Regional Conference was attended by representatives from a number of universities in Kazakhstan, X. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University, X.A. Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, KazGosZhenPI, Abay KazNPU, Ablayhan KazUIR&WL, South - Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Kunaev D.A. Humanities University, Research Centre "Alash", etc.

In 2009, the teachers of the Chair of World History, Historiography and Source won grant of the Ministry of education on program of basic research, “6.1. Kazakhstan in the relationship between Eastern and Western civilizations, political, socio-economic, historical, and cultural trends and prospects”. Research group of teachers of the chair is working on the problem – “Conceptual problems in the history of Asia and Europe in the light of the integration and modernization”.

In pursuance of paragraph of the Protocol of extended meeting of the Interagency Working Group for the Study of National History, based on the decision of the Academic Council of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University created Research Center "The study of world history" (Minutes № 12 dated June 24, 2013). The Centre is headed by Dr., Professor, the head of the Department of World History, Historiography and Source Studies, K.T. Zhumagulov. The purpose of the Center: Study of development of world history based on modern methodological paradigms and toolkits; Demonstrate the role and place of the Turkic world and Kazakhstan in the world historical process.

The department operates projects for fundamental research program, conducted by the MES: "Conceptual Problems in the History of Asia and Europe in the light of integration and modernization ", "Society and Politics in the history of East and West as the experience of the successful development of Kazakhstan in the context of globalization" (2011), "Islam and Christianity in the Eurasian history" ( 2012 ), in 2013 , the department was awarded a grant by the problem of "Turkic world and the history of Kazakhstan in the western sources" (project Manager Dr, prof . K.T. Zhumagulov ) "Audiovisual documents as sources for the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991 - 2011 yy.)". Special importance and conceptuality has problem Huns and Avars history in Eurasia and Europe, which has direct relevance to the history of Turkic peoples and Kazakhstan raised by prof. K.T. Zhumagulov.