Scientific Directions

As part of preparation of specialists in world history since 1991, have been established scientific and collegial contacts with a number of universities and research institutions of Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, USA. The cooperation with Poznan and Warsaw (Poland) universities are realizing. Established stable relations with a number of embassies of foreign countries: the United States (U.S. Information Agency), Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Iran, Poland, etc. The race cooperation with educational and scientific international organizations: the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan, special departments of the UN and UNESCO, Ebert Foundation, DAAD, British Council, etc.

From 1997 at the chair of the ancient world history and middle ages the scientific-research activities is conducted by general theme "Problems of history and historiography of ancient world and middle ages of West and East".

In 2009, the teachers of the Chair of World History, Historiography and Source won grant of the Ministry of education on program of basic research, “6.1. Kazakhstan in the relationship between Eastern and Western civilizations, political, socio-economic, historical, and cultural trends and prospects”. Research group of teachers of the chair is working on the problem – “Conceptual problems in the history of Asia and Europe in the light of the integration and modernization”.

Professor Zhumagulov K. - the first Kazakh historian-medievist. He knows foreign languages. As scientist - the historian, the expert onworld history, professor Zhumagulov K. is known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. He brought own personal contribution to development of the Kazakhstan historical science. He offered new methodology and a technique of research of problems ofhistory of occurrence and development of feudalism in the countries of Europe and Eurasia. He developed theoretical aspects of genesis of feudalism at German peoples during an epoch of the early middle Ages, the wide analysis of problems, on the basis of narrative sources in foreign languages, materials of archeology, ethnology, anthropology, and also of some natural-science and interdisciplinary researches.

The special importance and conceptual has the problem of Huns' history in Eurasia and Europe, which has the direct relation to history of Turkish peoples and Kazakhstan. Besides wars and migrations as he affirms, this history showed also an example of many-sided interaction of the East and the West, synthesis of traditions and the cultures, having numerous consequences on becoming of qualitatively new civilization and sociocultural relations at transition by an epoch of Middle Ages.

in 2013 as part of our university opened the first of the Republican Center for the Study of World History. director of the center is Dr of historical sciences, professor Zhumagulov K.T. The Centre is engaged in research in the field of world history based on modern methodological paradigms and tools.

Professor K.T. Zhumagulov, the winner of Republic competition ‘”Best teacher of higher school” of 2007 year near with the interior ancient Latin texts copies at the University of Sapienza. Rome Professor K.T. Zhumagulov as the researcher on medieval studies of the history of Huns and Attilla. July of 2007